Monday, July 18, 2011

Quick Recap of the Wedding!

Ok, in case you're just tuning in now, a little back story...we were originally planning on heading to the courthouse, but The Sailor's family wasn't having that, so they started planning last Wednesday for our Saturday wedding!

Luckily, one of his aunts owns a cake bakery, so she did our cake.  Another aunt put together some finger foods.  Another aunt is really active in her church and was able to find a pastor.  We had the ceremony/mini reception at yet another aunt's house and they all helped with the flowers.

We went to David's Bridal on Thursday and got my dress (style WG3165) and birdcage veil and I made the fascinator using tulle from Michael's and a shower curtain (yes - a shower curtain - I wanted some satin and/or silk but couldn't find any in Michael's and happened to find a perfect shower curtain) that was on clearance at Stein Mart lol (and it was based off of these Martha Stewart instructions). The Sailor helped me find my perfect purple shoes at DSW on Friday which were also on Clearance!  I did my hair and make-up and also bedazzled a collar for my precious dog, Gabby.

All in all, it was seriously perfect!  The aunt and uncle who let us hold the celebration at their house also gave us a hotel room for the night in downtown Charlotte for our mini-moon!  Enough talk, though, time for some pictures!  These pictures were taken by one of the aunts, The Sailor's uncle has a professional-grade camera and took a ton of pictures but we don't have those yet.

Before I walked down the stairs to our ceremony:
 Walking down the stairs to our ceremony:
 The Sailor during the ceremony:
 My perfect flipping shoes:
 Walking away from the ceremony:
 Right after the ceremony; my mouth was so dry from being nervous (but I'm proud of myself; I didn't cry):
 Flipping my rings around so the band was on the inside:
 The Sailor's Uncle was on the balcony taking pictures:
 Me again:
 Me with two of The Sailor's cousins (they didn't want to put on shoes, so they yelled at me to take mine off so I didn't tower over them):
 The Sailor, Gabby, and I (aka the cutest picture ever):
 One of the aunts just had to have this picture and although I'm not religious, I totally appreciate what it represents:
 Cutting the cake:
 Gabby begging for food (of course, lol):
 Our grand exit, bubbles and all:
 And again:
 The Sailor's freaking adorable little cousin - seriously, I would kill for this girl's hair/adorableness:

I honestly don't think I've smiled that big for that long ever in my life!  It was perfect!

Don't worry, I'll be back with our more professional (though not technically professional lol) pictures once I get them!!!


  1. Yay!!! You look so beautiful!!! I'm so happy that you are happy!

  2. You both look so incredibly happy :) congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! It's great to see that you had the perfect day without all that typical wedding "stuff" and excessive planning. So nice!
    Also, i love reading your blog and follow your journey into a new life!

  4. Oh, now I remember your wedding recap on the bee. Congrats! I'm just having a read through all of your posts now. You said you are in CA-where abouts? I didn't recognize the town name.

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