Monday, July 11, 2011

Dear Lincoln Military Housing...

I hate you.
I'm sitting here on the front lawn when we should already be on our way to North Carolina all because you say you don't have anyone that comes and picks up bulky trash from the curb (outside of the bin) when I literally have pictures of one of your employees doing just that as he told us he would be back later to pick up the rest.
The truck is packed already or else we would just bring all this crap to the dump ourselves, so now we sit here trying to figure out what the eff to do so we can flipping check out and leave Maryland already.
Words can't express how excited I am to have to deal with you for the next 3 years in California. Especially if/when my oh so level-headed sailor is on deployment and you have to actually deal with ME!
Love always,
PS - did I mention I fucking hate you?

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  1. I'm seriously going to cry Amanda!!!!! I'm so sad to see you go! But I'm so happy that you are happy!


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