Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Favorite Website!

Soooo, I totally just found the best website ever.  It's like the Rue La La of home goods.  Just look what they've got for your purchasing pleasure today:
This wallpaper makes me want to cry (since I can't use any wallpaper in base housing) and it's 35% off:

This Clairebella cutting board is too cute for words, not to mention it is also 35% off:
At 54% off these Talisman Designs Pop Art serving utensils are freakin' adorable:
And don't even get me started on the discounted Rachel Ray cookware.

I think you get the point - this site is freaking amazing!  And I'm gonna totally be upfront with you, if you sign up via this link and then purchase something, I get a $15 credit and thus will love you forever!

Do you know of any amazing, discounted housewares websites???  Cuz, ya know, I have a house to decorate once we get to California!

Until next time...

In case you don't know what Rue La La is you should go check it out - and again, I'll get credit if you sign up via this link and buy something, so yeah - you should show me some love for introducing you to some of the coolest websites ever!

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  1. That is a cutting board! It is so cute...thanks...

    I'm hooked! lol


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