Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Place to Call Home

I'm still having some issues wrapping my head around being a military wife; my biggest issue with this is the restrictions on where The Sailor and I can live.

Honestly, moving every 3 years doesn't bother me.  Moving across the country doesn't even bother me (I'm actually pretty pumped about it - yay for minimal humidity).  What does bother me is that I feel like I won't really be able to make wherever we end up living our "home."

Honestly, it would be stupid not to live in base housing (even though we all know how much I love Lincoln Military Housing).  See, The Sailor's actual paycheck really isn't all that great even though he's closer to being at the top of the enlisted career ladder than he is to being at the bottom and, you know, it's thanks to people like him that the US gets to live comfortably free like we've become accustomed to.  But he (and by he I now mean we) also gets money towards housing (among other things).  Depending where he's stationed the housing allowance is different and if you live off base they basically add that amount to your pay so then you can pay your landlord.  It is actually possible to make a little extra if you find a really good deal on an apartment.

But, if you live on base, you just don't ever see the money.  It goes from the Navy to Lincoln Military Housing.  What's awesome about that is it isn't even just one bill you don't have to think about every month, you also don't have to worry about any utilities.  Yeah - it's all included.  That means when we're in the gross heat of the summer we don't have to worry about our electric bill going through the roof.  Sign me up!

But there are also stupid rules.  Like I'm not really supposed to paint.  Argh.  I love decorating.  And since we've basically ditched all our belongings it would totally be a clean slate for me to have a blast and a half decorating!  But, I really want the ease of living on base.  Not to mention I would just feel safer on base, especially when The Sailor gets deployed.

So, I've been coming up with ideas to make statements with my decorating without doing anything permanent to the walls and today, I stumbled upon this amazing tutorial to make your own headboard!
::Swoon and a half::  Seriously, I'm in love! I think I would make it over-sized though, so it would almost take up the whole wall behind the bed in the master bedroom, but we'll see!  Now I just have to start dreaming of color palettes and different fabrics to use!

Do you have any ideas on how to make a statement in your home decor while keeping stupid white walls?  If so, please, please, please let me know - I need all the help I can get!

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  1. That is cute!! I can paint my walls, but we would have to paint them back to white before we move out. Not worth it!

  2. White walls aren't that bad. I'm actually quite relieved that we didn't paint the walls in our current apartment (except for the kitchen). The main advantage is that the decoration is not bound to a certain color family which matches the wall color, and you can easily change the overall atmosphere of a room whenever you are in the mood for something new or according to the season.
    Eye-catching items (like that amazing headboard) create a focus and distract from the white walls. Hang some awesome curtains, large paintings, groups of pictures with colored frames, and place different area rugs on the floor. Giant vases are also great for decoration:

    Or a room divider in a fancy color:

    Oh, i would love to throw out all our belongings and furnish/ decorate completely new. Sounds like so much fun! I would plunder all the thrift stores instead of buying all that Ikea crap :)

  3. Ann-Kay - Thanks for all the ideas!!! And I'm actually pretty determined to NOT use anything from Ikea to decorate, I'm so over that phase of my life, lol.

    And I'm in the process of learning Spanish so that I can successfully barter at the Flea Markets in Cali - oh yes, learning a new language, all in the name of inexpensive home decorating, lol.


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