Saturday, July 23, 2011

Better Wedding Pictures!

Know what's super cool about only using family members as "vendors"?  They're super quick!  Some people wait months for their pro pics, and we got ours (and by "pro" I of course just mean "higher quality") in less than a week!

Before I get into the beautiful-ness that are my wedding photos, if you haven't ready the story behind our wedding you should totally do that first (because it's mighty impressive).

You all caught up now...?  Good - now on to some photo-candy:

Before the wedding - I was looking all snazzy with my hair and make-up done, but wearing sweatpants, lol:
 As I was getting ready to walk down the staircase (which was my aisle):
 During the beginning of our vows.  Can I just mention The Sailor and I totally make the Pastor look like a midget?  In those shoes, I was pushing 6'1 (hahahaha - giant bride!) and apparently The Sailor is about that height whereas the Pastor is lucky if she's 5 foot even:

 I like this picture (I'm so conceited, lol):
 The Sailor giving me my ring:
 Me giving The Sailor his ring:
 You may kiss the bride! (please notice how happy the Pastor looks behind us - it totally makes the picture):
 Walking away from the ceremony:
 Best picture ever (boy are we attractive, lol):

 This one isn't quite as nice as the one that was taken in the kitchen, lol, but it's definitely up there:
 Of course The Sailor is doing his crappy-I-look-like-I-have-horse-teeth smile instead of a read one:
 And this one he has a real smile, but I'm not looking:
 Kissy picture:

 I look a little awkward in this one, I can't put my finger on why though:

 Gabby kept trying to eat my flowers, lol:
 Cutting the cake:
 I love this picture:

 "Don't you dare shove that cake in my face Mister!"

 Most awkward picture ever:
 Family photo - without these guys this wedding would have never happened!!!
 The prettiest Mutt{even though she isn't a mutt, lol}-of-Honor ever!

 See you later!

That's all for now, until next time...

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  1. I don't do heels, but you rocked those purple heels! And I love your dress, especially the top part of it. You look beautiful!


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