Monday, August 8, 2011

What pregnancy feels like to me - week 5

Hmmm, I don't really have much to write about. Considering how crazy my life has been recently, things are seriously boring now. So, to ensure I'll have something to post about every once and a while I'm gonna start occasionally posting about how pregnancy feels to me!

First up, how I feel physically....

Thirsty/hungry - seriously, I'm a bottomless pit. I'm not favoring sweet over salty (or vice versa) I just want to eat. And Smart Water is like heaven in a bottle. Pregnancy is kinda turning me into a water snob. Whatevs, I'm pregnant...I've gotta treat my body like the baby growing temple it is!

Dizzy - I didn't even know this was a pregnancy symptom. What I do know is its obnoxious. Randomly I'll feel like I stood up too quickly and get uber dizzy momentarily.

Bloated - might be partly because I can't stop eating, but I feel like a Macys Day Balloon. It's like PMS bloated times 8863764170. Yeah...that much.

Broken Out - my skin has never been this bad. EVER. If anyone has any tips, please, dear Buddha, share them!

Now, how I feel mentally...

Lucky - there are so many women you hear about who struggle with conceiving and we got it done first month trying. The Sailor and I are just so lucky we didn't have to experience that. Now fingers crossed we have a smooth pregnancy from here on out.

Scared - not of becoming a Mom, I can't wait for that. I'm actually scared of Morning Sickness. I hate feeling sick, and the thought of feeling like I'm gonna vomit all day for weeks on end kinda makes me wanna die. Here's to hoping my morning sickness is minimal...

Anxious - I have a history of general anxiety and all I want is to see the little Sea Monkey. I wanna know she/he (fingers crossed for she) is really in there with its little, early development heart beating away. But nooooooo, I have to wait until September 13. Grrrr...

I took pictures of my bloated self so I can really track my growing body. I realize I won't have an actual bump for a while, but maybe if I take weekly pictures I can convince myself I actually look pregnant, not just bloated!

Until next time...

PS - please excuse the totally lame and uncreative post title, I just can't get my creative juices flowing right now - I blame the Apple seed sized Sea Monkey I'm currently growing.

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  1. I remember my first few weeks. I was tired all the time, HUNGRY, thirsty, and moody. Mostly hungry and tired. No morning sickness though.

    Off topic: Seeing your photos makes this all real. lol Well, I know you missing from Weight Watchers meetings made it pretty real and your wedding photos made it super real! lol I envy you! I just want to pick up Mr. T and my daughter and go. Just get the hell out of here, but then I think about other stuff and I just let that thought go out of the window.


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