Friday, August 12, 2011

Decorating around a yellow couch...

The Sailor and I found some really nice (and inexpensive) couches on Craigslist and we picked them up last weekend. The couch actually drops back like a weird sleeper sofa/futon (see the picture below). The only downside is - they're yellow.

Or so I thought! After doing some googling I realized decorating around these couches has the potential for being really fun! And trust me, they're actually a pretty yellow (my camera phone is making it look dingy).

Since I was finding tons of pictures online that I loved, I decided to finally try out a website I had heard so much about in the wedding circuit - Pinterest! And I'm officially obsessed. This is the most addicting website ever, especially for someone who is gearing up to decorate a whole house and is pregnant!

In case you don't know what Pinterest is, its basically a site that allows you to make virtual collages and keeps a reference back to the original source of the image. It's awesome!!!!! And you can check out the direction I'd like to go in with our living room here: ! The board has a lot of color combo references (I'm planning on yellow, aqua, and grey) and some pictures of the general feel I'll be going for.

So we already have the couch/loveseat (which I plan on getting professionally cleaned eventually to try and brighten them up a bit) and we have a tv stand that is plain wood that I plan on refinishing myself. Then I hope to find a few end tables and/or coffee table on the cheap at a yardsale or on Craigslist that I can refinish to coordinate with the tv stand and I have a few other DIY projects I have planned to really make the space feel homey without breaking the bank (that I'll share with you as I actually work on them). Add some blankets and throw pillows and - BAM - we will have the perfect living room!

I really can't wait to get started! I don't wanna get any more furniture until we're actually in base housing, but I will be keeping my eyes peeled for blankets/pillows/textiles in general that go along with my vision in the meantime.

Until next time...

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