Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week 7 Update

Not much is really changing on the whole being pregnant thing, but if I can I'd really like to make sure to update every week during my pregnancy. I just think it'll be awesome to have these to look back on, know what I mean?

So, how I feel physically:

Tired. Yeah, I'm flipping exhausted. I blow dried my hair yesterday, which is a significant undertaking since I have freakishly thick hair, and I almost passed the eff out halfway through.

Fat. I do. I feel fat. I do not feel like myself. All I can think is that I have to gain weight, and I can sign up for Weight Watchers the day after this baby makes her grand entrance into the world. Oh, and my boobs are flipping HUGE. I officially have no bras that fit me.

Broken out. My skin is disgusting. Nothing has helped. Not even makeup makes me feel pretty. Whatever happened to that "pregnancy glow" everyone talks about? Cuz this just sucks!

Repulsed...by un-cooked meat. Seriously, if I see it before its fully prepared I seriously can't eat it. I'm considering becoming a vegetarian because raw meat kinda makes me wanna die.

I just wanted to note I'm no longer freakishly thirsty. I'm still drinking more than usual but it isn't nearly as overwhelming.

Here's how I feel mentally:

Emotional. No - really? Have you read my last few posts? Haha, but it came to a new low today when I almost started crying during that cheesy movie Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. That's a serious problem!

Lucky. That I don't feel like shit all the time. I've had a few bouts of nausea, but nothing hardcore (as long as I avoid the meat section of the grocery store ::gag::).

Until next time...

PS - can someone please admit I look like a cow? Everyone keeps saying, "you don't look any different" and I damn well know that's a lie. I think women get morning sickness so they don't blow up like a balloon - I can't help the fact that I can be fine one minute and starving the next!

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  1. I broke out pretty bad as well! I never mentioned anything to the midwives/doctor I saw since I was under the impression I couldn't use anything on my face since I was pregnant. One day though, one of the midwives mentioned something to me about it and said she would give me a prescription topical gel....so ask! It got significantly better after that! :)


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