Thursday, August 4, 2011

We have an address!

So, since we got here last Saturday, we've been staying in the Navy Lodge (aka hotel on base).  That's cool and all but a) we don't have a full kitchen and b) its starting to get kinda expensive! But today we signed a lease!
We want to live on base but unfortunately theres a waiting list. Since I'm pregnant, we get a higher priority but it could still take up to 4 months.
Luckily since most of the people in the area are in the military a lot of the apartment complexes offer month to month leases, so that's what we're doing. And lucky for us, a 1 bedroom apartment nearby is available tomorrow!
So after weeks of having all our shit packed in my car and The Sailor's truck we finally get to settle in somewhere tomorrow. Even if it is only temporary (since we're hoping to get into base housing sooner rather than later).
You all will probably get a kick out of how pathetic that place looks initially though, since all we have for furniture is a TV and a mattress, hahaha!
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