Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I know I should work out...

...but I don't wanna!
And I don't even have a good excuse, like being pregnant is making me feel sick. I feel fine! Bloated - yes. Nausea - nope!
I don't wanna work out because I hate our shower, lol. First of all, the water smells funny. And no, it isn't pregnancy spidey-senses kicking in because The Sailor smells it too. It is NOT refreshing. And on top of that its really soft water. Which is supposed to be better than hard water, but it makes me feel slimey. Slimey does not equal clean in my book.
But the worst part of this shower is I'm pretty sure it was designed for midgets. Not kidding. The shower head doesn't even reach my eye level (check out the picture below).  I basically have to do a back bend to wash my hair. That kinda hurts my growing uterus.
Needless to say, I hope the showers in base housing are better! But, I'm gonna make myself go workout now.
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  1. Isn't it amazing how the little things in a place can make a huge difference? I LOVED our old apartment's shower because we had awesome water pressure. Our current house is pretty decent though, so I can't complain. You might want to try out a handheld shower head, since that might add 6ish inches to the height. That's what we did in our house since my hubby is 6'6".

  2. OMG, I'm so sorry but your poor shower makes me laugh. As for the soft water--my Mom's house has that same slimy water, and I've never gotten used to it, so I feel your pain.

    But GOOD FOR YOU for working out! I haven't been able to get my happy ass off the couch because I've felt so sick, and that just adds to feeling guilty. Here's hope things improve for the both of us soon!


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