Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Mama Drama

So, I told my Dad I was pregnant and he was more concerned about me making a trip home than the baby currently growing in my uterus. Then I called my mom, and she ignored me, again...So, I decided to tell my sister - I mean, at least she is talking to me (Sister R not crazy Sister K). So I told her. And she told my Mom and crazy Sister K.  And my mom is still ignoring me!!!!!

Seriously woman!?!? You find out your youngest daughter is pregnant with your first grandchild and you still won't talk to her? And don't even try to give me crap about how I should have been the one to tell her...I fucking tried. I called every day for 5 days and she ignored me.

Mleh. I'm just so peeved. And now Sister R is saying she's "worried" about me. Won't tell me why though. I get that its probably weird to have your baby sister get married and pregnant before you, but I'm not a baby. I've lived on my own for almost 4 years now. I haven't "lived" anywhere near my family for over 6 years! To say that I'm independent would be an understatement. Everyone outside of my family constantly comment on how I don't act like I'm 23. And its like she doesn't believe me that we wanted this!

Yup, this was a completely planned pregnancy. I guess for some that's hard to believe, but its, believe it!

I'm just so sick of them. The way they're acting is just reaffirming why I didn't want them involved with my wedding. These women are nothing but drama 24/7!!!

Ok, I think that's enough venting for now. I feel like this is a backwards "road to recovery." Isn't it usually anger, then sadness, then acceptance? I think I went anger, sadness, now back to anger. I guess I'll get to acceptance eventually...

On a happier note I've been compulsively looking at nursery decor. Right now my favorite (for a girl - fingers crossed) is jungle bedding with a neutral zebra rug, the coolest giraffe wall decal ever and super pale neutral walls. The bedding set pictured below is from overstock (you can see a larger version on my pinterest board - - as well as other nursery inspiration) and comes with a classic bumper. Well, in case you didn't hear, bumpers kill babies. No, seriously, they have been found to lead to suffocation. But instead of just tossing it, I would turn it into throw pillows or other decor! What do you think of my inspiration so far?

Until next time...

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  1. I cannot believe your mother! That is crazy! The decor is super cute though!


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