Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So, this morning I woke up completely discombobulated. I was pretty sure it was 1130 in the morning. I never sleep that late! (For the record, looking back on it I probably woke up at 730 considering its 830 now).

So I jump out of bed thinking Gabby is probably about to piss herself!!! And she didn't seem that antsy but I was too discombobulated to realize that was seriously odd. So I rush to make myself decent and put on her leash and step outside and...BAM!!!! I'm hit by a wall of air born allergens. Apparently Wednesday is the day they do all the landscaping at our apartment complex.

I'm talking continuous sneezing, my eyes felt like they puffed up, and I'm trying to keep my nose from snotting all over myself as I try to navigate the area so Gabby can do her business without getting run over by one of the 3 million lawn mowers and weed wackers that are all over the place.

So, she does her business and we come inside and I'm all weirded out by how tired I am so I decide to walk down to the corner to grab a coffee since we don't have a coffee maker.

So I go to the gas station on the corner and decide to get an iced coffee. Its one of those machines you do yourself and I forgot to put ice in the cup first...oops. I tried to be all sly while I poured half of it out, but the cashier was definitely giving me the stink eye. I finally get my coffee fixed and go to pay for it and I happen to glance up at the clock (I was trying to avoid the evil stares of the cashier) and I noticed it said it was just past 8. Instead of being logical and thinking I had been mistaken when I woke up and hastily checked the time on my phone I automatically assumed their clock was wrong.

It wasn't till I got home, turned on the TV, and saw that the Today Show was still on that I accepted it really was only 8 in the morning. I don't think I can blame this confusion/stupidity/craziness on being pregnant - I think that's just me being me.

It might be at least partially caused by the fact that I was up SUPER late last night...yeah, I totally stayed up till like 1 am - I'm totally a bad ass. But I'll tell you all about my shenanigans later, right now I'm gonna go enjoy Regis and Kelly cuz I'm super pumped I didn't miss it!

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  1. I saw your comment over on Garden Beneath the Sky..I, too, didn't want a boy. I was convinced I was having a girl and wouldn't even think about a boy..and of course I had a boy (and I'll admit I cried for 20 minutes after finding that out..)...and I love him waaaay too much! I can't imagine having a girl instead and I wouldn't trade him in either! Congrats on your pregnancy and girl or boy I know you'll be super excited!!

  2. lol I've had days like that except for I will think it's Friday when it's really Saturday. I will even get outside and wonder why my street is full of cars on a Friday morning. Ugh.


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