Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Re-dressing the Dresser - Part 4


In case you missed them, please go back and read parts 1-3 before checking out the big reveal...

Okay, now that you're all caught I already went over painting the dresser and giving some new life to the totally 80s-tastic hardware, but the biggest pain in my butt was actually fixing up the mirror. First of all, its round and had a gold (aka 80s-tastic) frame. On top of that the base was in rough shape.

My original plan was to spray paint the base white like the dresser then carefully hand paint the frame blue to match the hardware.

First problem - even after the fresh coat of paint, the base still looked like shit. So, plan B...paint the really ugly bit blue. Turns out, this looks flipping awesome. And it brings out the chevron-esque design! In case you didn't know, chevron designs are totally in right now. Don't believe me? Just check out the new line of clothes and housewares for Target ( )! Yeah - told you so! Chevrons flipping everywhere...

Second problem, which I totally anticipated, but it still sucked, was painting the damn round frame! It was impossible to not get paint on the mirror! So, I did what any girl would do when you can't paint within the lines...I got my manicure kit, haha. Q-tips, cotton balls, nail polish remover, and even a cuticle pushy thingy. I painted with reckless abandon (aka - got paint all over the mirror) then cleaned the whole disaster up with nail polish remover.  Seriously, that shit is a life saver. If I had a toolbox, I would keep nail polish remover and q-tips in it.

And there you have it!  That's how I transformed a shiny, beat up, 80s-tastic dresser/mirror combo into a classy, updated piece of furniture! Since its used, before I put anything in it I want to line the drawers with contact paper, and I still need to find a decent dresser for The Sailor to use, but all in all, I'm very happy with how my first furniture re-do went! What do you think of the finished product?

Until next time...

Mleh - I'm still computer-less and for some reason a) my phone just made this whole post italics. Sorry, but I'm not re-typing it. And b) it won't let me rotate the picture, so you're stuck tilting your head to the side. Deal with it!


  1. I never finished Logan's dresser, since I couldn't strip it while pregnant and my husband didn't have time. It's on my to do list for next spring.


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