Thursday, September 8, 2011

More human interaction, perhaps?

When you get to the point where you're trying to rationalize with your dog, I'm pretty sure that's a red flag that you need more human interaction.

Seriously - I was just sitting on my couch, watching the Today show, eating my breakfast, and Gabby got all up in my face hoping to get a nibble. Instead of just saying "no" or "off" (the logical commands to use in this situation) it went more like this...

"Seriously Gabby? Do I get all up in your business when you're eating breakfast?"

:: Gabby looks at me like I'm nuts and drools a little ::

"No, I don't. So I would appreciate the same consideration."

:: Somehow, some way, she understood me and got off the couch but continued to drool ::

"Now that's much better!"

:: I give her a bite and she starts really drooling ::

That's totally a true story, and it really just happened.

But, luckily I got the job at Michael's and I have orientation this afternoon! (More human interaction - check!) And I'm surprisingly excited. In my mind, you wouldn't even apply to work at a craft store unless that interested you, so I'll be working with a group of people who have similar interests as I do.

Is it a dream job? No - does anyone actually want to work in retail? But, it'll be some extra income and guarantee that I'll have to talk to someone other than the dogs occasionally, lol. Plus, I'll be the first to know about sweet sales and I'll get a discount on craft supplies! And, it'll be good for me to be forced to walk around regularly...its been so hot out, I'm turning into a bump on the log.

So, the dress code is black polo, khaki pants, and black shoes. I had none of these things so The Sailor and I went out last night to get them. And I officially got my first pair of maternity pants - dundunduuuuun! I figured I'll need them eventually, so why not just take the plunge? The black polo I found was actually a men's shirt, lol, but I couldn't find any women's. And the shoes are horrendous. I'm ashamed to have purchased pure black sneakers, but I was forced to do it! (You can see the shameful foot attire in the photo below)

That's really all I've got for now...have you ever worked in retail? Any advice?

Until next time...

PS - I'm including a picture of the puppies, simply because they're flipping adorable...


  1. I know exactly what you're talking about. I've been unemployed since May, and I probably talk to the dog more than I talk to my FI. Good luck at the new job!

  2. First of all, congrats on your new job! Second, I am a WB poster who found your blog on your profile and just wanted to say I miss you on the boards.. and I doubt I'll be returning after everything that went on, and I know many others who feel the same. I just wanted you to know you have support over there! ;-)

  3. Miss M - thanks for the support! I honestly miss the baby boards quite a bit, but I'll move on! The whole situation was seriously unfortunate, but its great to know I've got people on my side! And thanks for the congrats - I'm already making plans for money I haven't even made yet, how sad is that! Lol


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