Friday, June 14, 2013

Inexpensive & Easy DIY Patio Water Mister/Sprinkler

We live in Central California.  It is hotter than Hades here for most of June through September.  Last weekend I'm pretty sure it hit 110.  So, I wanted to buy or make some misters to put on my back patio to make it bearable on those horrible days.  Like any female these days, I turned to Pinterest!  And I found these instructions to make a "drive through kid wash" that we altered a little bit to create what we wanted.

Step one was acquiring all the supplies.  Our local Home Depot and Lowe's don't carry the mister jets mentioned in the instructions I found so I did was I usually do when I can't find something locally - searched on Amazon.  Lucky for me I found some (and they were Prime eligible - woot for free 2 day shipping); these are the ones I ordered.  Then we went to Home Depot to get 1/4 inch PVC (we bought 1 piece and had it cut in half), Teflon tape, PVC glue, an end cap, an L bracket (so the section where the hose connected to the pipe would be hanging straight down), and a threaded female hose connector.  All of that stuff was about $10.

We decided for the length of pipe we were using, 8 jets would be enough, so The Sailor marked and drilled the holes in the pipe for me (he used a 1/8 drill bit for the jets we got off Amazon).  Then we had to get the jets in the holes.  Luckily, they will dig their own threads, you just have to push down and twist at the same time.  In order to seal the holes, first we wrapped the threads of the jets in Teflon tape.

Then The Sailor had to screw them in because it hurt my fingers, haha.

Then I just put PVC glue on the inside of the end cap and put it on one end...

And use the PVC glue again to attach the L bracket to the pipe, and then the hose attachment to the L bracket...

And then we let the glue dry for about 10 minutes!

We weren't exactly sure how we were going to mount it to the roof of our patio and The Sailor ended up coming up with the solution; he screwed to small pieces of scrap wood into the ceiling that the pipe could then rest on...

Voila!  DIY Patio Mister that we only actually used about $11 worth of materials (we have tons of the jets left over, half the pipe, and almost all the Teflon tape and PVC glue) and only took about 15 minutes to assemble!  All that was left was for W to try them out.

We started just playing with his water table...

 And then I turned on the hose....

He hated it!  Haha!  But, it isn't that hot out, so maybe on a hotter day he'll appreciate it more.  It took about 20 minutes of breastfeeding to calm him down.

Do you have any outdoor DIYs planned for this summer??


  1. You guys are wayyy craftier than me!! Just come do it for me? Since I would LOVE that here in Central FL (aka, disgusting humidville)!

  2. HAHA - that sad-face picture is hilarious! Poor baby :(

    That's an awesome idea though - hopefully he'll grow to love it this summer!

    Is that a reusable swim diaper you're using?

    1. It's just a normal cloth diaper, not specifically a swim diaper. That one is Alva brand.

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  4. Id calm down too if I got to suck on those sweet nipples for 20 mins too

  5. Our local Home Depot and Lowe's don't carry the mister jets mentioned in the instructions I found so I did was I usually do when I can't find something locally -Put your trashy nipple away and lean how to proof read.

    1. Speaking of learning how to proofread.....*rolling my eyes*

      Anyway, thanks for the intructions! Hot up here in the PNW. Going to make a mister SOON! =)

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  7. Wow, sorry so many trolls attack just for a simple blogpost. Shows how bad our culture and society has come. Please check out to understand why. In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy projects with family.

  8. I just don't understand why it bothers people so much when it comes to breast feeding. Its a natural and beautiful thing. Its been around ever since man and woman were created. For those who have a problem with it don't look or get the f*** over it. Its the 21st century people! Grow the f*** up! Or mind your own f***ing buisness and keep it to yourself! People are so pathetic now days.


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