Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gabby would be so embarrassed if she knew I told you...

Last night, Gabby wet the bed. (FYI - in case you're new here, Gabby is a dog, lol). She straight up peed in her sleep!

So, yeah, I was sleeping, lol, and I woke up cuz I heard Gabby licking something like a mad woman. I felt around for her, trying to figure out what the hell she was doing when I felt a big wet spot. At this point I thought she might have thrown up (and the licking was her trying to clean it up - yummm ::gag::) so I went and turned on the light.

Now, The Sailor wakes up, and I notice the wet spot is a freaking pee spot! Then I look at Gabby and notice its all over one of her hind legs. She was licking because she was trying to clean the leg that was covered (inner thigh and outer) in pee. It's at that point I realize she peed in her sleep. I mean, a dog knows how to take a piss without covering herself in it!

Then I had to strip the bed and start doing laundry so it wouldn't stain my new comforter. And I realized Gabby needed a bath since she was covered in her own freaking pee. Yeah, at 2 am. It was not a fun experience. Then I realized Gabby was probably just trying to prepare me for motherhood, lol. And as long as this doesn't become a regular thing, I'll forgive her; I could tell she felt really bad. Plus, she's the best dog in the world!

Until next time...

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