Monday, September 19, 2011

Major Fail Red Lobster!

Okay, so I've been craving a lobster roll like woah for what seems like forever. But, out here in California, they aren't exactly common. See, I'm from Massachusetts. My grandfather, yeah, he lives on the Cape ("the Cape" is in reference to Cape Cod for those of you who didn't know). If I wanted a lobster roll, I could find one. Hell, if I wanted to make my own there are regular old grocery stores that have live lobster for sale (although I would probably go to fresh catch to buy it)! But nope, not here in California. Apparently California is too cool for lobster rolls! (More likely scenario - its just too damn expensive to get lobster here...I was so spoiled growing up in Massachusetts!)

So, I was running some errands without The Sailor when I drove past a Red Lobster. Red Lobster should have lobster rolls! So I decided to stop and get lunch. Yes, by myself.

See, I actually enjoy eating out by myself. I think its relaxing. And I enjoy people watching. Not to mention it gave me a chance to catch up on my Google reader (moving put a big back up on my blogroll)! But the receptionist definitely gave me a confused-dog look (you know the one I'm talking about - head tilt and all) when I said I was eating alone. Why is it socially acceptable for a senior citizen to grab a bite to eat by himself but I get funny looks when I want to?

Anyway, back to the meal. They did have lobster rolls (praise Buddha) so I ordered that, a Sprite, and a cup of clam chowder.

I was actually seriously impressed with the chowder. Growing up a half hour south of Boston kinda makes you a chowder-snob. It just comes with the territory. But, Red Lobster did it up. Add some pepper (just like my Dad does, lol) and nix the crackers (cuz they're gross) and voila - chowder delicious-ness.

Then the lobster rolls (yes two of them came) and what a flipping disappointment! First of all, instead of one glorious leaning tower of lobster salad, there were two little dinky rolls. There was WAY more bread than there was lobster meat. And I'm all about a little spice, but the paprika was overpowering. And, the worst part was, instead of big, meaty chunks of lobster, it was like shredded. So sad. I could have cried.

Don't get me wrong, I ate them! But I was seriously disappointed. My new plan is to find somewhere that sells live lobster so I can just make my own!

So, I totally have tons to update you all on, so be prepared for a multiple post day! But for now, I have to take the dogs on a quick walk around the neighborhood before Regis and Kelly is on!

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  1. dude I don't even know what a lobster roll is! And I live on the Atlantic! But I am happy to hear about the clam chowder. I am excited to try it!

  2. I'm sorry the lobster roll wasn't what you expected. I hate it when that happens, especially after craving whatever it is for a long time. -.-


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