Friday, September 23, 2011

Almost had a Pregnancy Breakdown today...

The Sailor and I (well, mainly just I, lol) decided we wanted to have an NT scan done. In case you didn't know, an NT scan is a completely non-invasive (aka - its just a high power ultrasound) early test for chromosomal abnormalities. It has something to do with measuring the skin in the back of the fetus' neck. I don't know exactly what they're measuring, I'm not a doctor, but I do know it has to be performed between 11 and 14 weeks.

Some people would never even consider having it done. I think that's kinda silly. Even if we find out there is something wrong, we plan on keeping the baby. I just like to be prepared. In my eyes, the earlier you know about an issue, the sooner you can be prepared for it.

Other people would say its silly for me, specifically, to get one since I'm a healthy 23 year old. The odds of an issue like this are pretty slim.  Well, they're also pretty slim with a healthy 20 year old, like my sister back in the day. Yup, my sister was pregnant with a baby who had down syndrome. She didn't have an NT scan, and didn't find out until late in the second trimester. At that point, she and her boyfriend at the time made the decision to terminate the pregnancy. They were in college; they knew they barely had the means to care for a healthy baby, never mind a baby with special needs. That decision killed my sister, so, please don't judge!

Plus, its just an extra chance for an ultrasound! Who would say no to that?

Well, I hadn't heard anything regarding the referral (I have to go see a special doctor off-base for it) so I called the insurance company today.

They never even received the referral request.

I almost died. It takes at least a week for a referral to be processed. I'm 12 weeks today. That would mean if they processed it quickly I would have to get an appointment within a week or I'd miss the window for the scan.

I cried. Once I pulled myself together I called the Ob clinic. The referral lady wasn't there, but I asked to have her please, please, please call me back ASAP since I only had 2 weeks left where I could have the scan and I'm at risk since there's a family history. I think the nurse who was taking my call could tell I was about to fall apart cuz she was super sweet.

When The Sailor got home I told him he had to go kill everyone in the Ob clinic because they fucked up. After I explained what I meant by "they fucked up" he talked me down a little bit. He reminded me we still had at least 2 weeks, which was better than nothing. I just kept saying "if they can't put in an effing referral, how can I trust them to deliver my baby!?!"

I still felt like crying, so I angrily did laundry instead of continuing to yell and just make myself more upset.

Then, the referral lady called me back. She fixed everything.

Yup, she put in the referral, called the insurance to push it through (given the family history) and she even made me an appointment...for Monday! So, I guess I can forgive her for messing up initially (by not putting in the referral right away).

So, not only was my first pregnancy-breakdown completely averted, I get to see the Sea Monkey again on Monday!!!!! I'm excited, and I trust the Ob clinic again...

Did you have an NT scan? Why, or why not?

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  1. It doesn't matter if you're not high risk. If it makes you feel better to get a non-invasive ultrasound then by all means do it! I did and it put my mind at ease. At least about that.

  2. We did the scan too. They wouldn't give me an ultrasound until 20 weeks, but we hadn't heard the heartbeat yet at 9 weeks, so I said yes. We have a family history of DS, but a little more distant than yours. That ultrasounds was one of the best moments of my pregnancy. I'm so glad they worked it out for you.

  3. I hope the scan goes well! I'm glad they got the whole situation fixed.

  4. I hope all goes well with the scan :) And I'm glad they actually got the dang thing through. I'm also a military wife, and I have lost all faith in military hospitals, almost.

    If I knew about this scan I would have gotten it done, I am completely with you about the whole the earlier you know, the more time you have to prepare! I didn't know about it and they didn't give me the option.


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