Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10 Weeks Pregnant!

...and I had my first ultrasound today! And my little Sea Monkey is perfect!!!

But first, the usual...

Physically, I think (aka hope) my skin is starting to clear up! And I'm hoping once we get out of the stinky-water apartment it'll get even better! And I'm starting to get kinda gassy. Mainly burping a lot, but just gassy in general

And mentally, I feel so flipping relieved! Cuz like I said, my little Sea Monkey is in tip top shape. But, I should start at the beginning...

I heard if you drink a lot it'll make it easier to see the little sucker during the earlier ultrasounds. So I was sucking down water like no ones business. And, I didn't want the little guy to be sleepy, so I had The Sailor stop at McDonald's so I could get an apple pie to give the Sea Monkey a sugar boost.

When we got there I found out they wanted to do a full annual exam. It was a little awkward to have The Sailor in the room while I had a pap done, but hell, he's gonna watch me push a baby out my hooha, this is a good place to start, lol.

Then it was finally time for my long awaited ultrasound. Since I'm only 10 weeks and some change, they did the hooha probe instead of the belly version. Whatevs, just show me my baby.

The Doc starts poking around and every time she gets a clear view of my little love, (s)he starts doing flips. And karate chops. And funny faces. Ok, I can't say with certainty that (s)he was making, funny faces, but in my mind (s)he was... One of three this was happening...option a) the little Sea Monkey had a sugar high from my pre-appointment snacks. Option b) ultrasound turns on and the Sea Monkey said something like this "mleh...what's that noise. Get away from me...I don't like that noise." And finally, option c (aka the most likely scenario since the little sucker is currently living in my uterus) ultrasound machine turns on and the Sea Monkey says something like this "what's that noise? Is someone watching me in here? Look what I can do :: back flip :: look what I can do :: karate chop :: hehehe...look at me :: funny face ::"

Okay, so the third option isn't that likely, but that's what I started thinking about while (s)he put on a show. And I started cracking up. Straight up laughing like a moron while the Doc is twisting a probe around in my hooha trying to get a good shot of the fetus.

When I finally got all my giggles out, the Sea Monkey calmed down, and we finally got a clear shot to date the pregnancy with.

So, Doc does her measurements and asks how sure I am of how far along I am. I said I'm 99% sure I could pinpoint the hour we conceived. And she asks how far I thought I was - I told her....10 weeks 4 days. She asked when I thought I was due - I told her...April 6th.

And she said I was exactly right. That's right, this baby and I are totally on the same wavelength. I hear/read about women who charted and knew exactly when they conceived, but the baby still measures at having a different due date. That doesn't sit well with me. This baby and I are totally gonna get along if (s)he keeps this up, lol!

So, the baby is healthy as can be (with a heart rate of 174 bpm), there's only one in there, and it looks like (s)he loves staying on schedule as much as I do! I couldn't be a happier Mama!

So, I've got a healthy baby, my first real shift at Michael's tomorrow, and we pick up the keys to our house on base on Thursday! Life is good.

Until next time...


  1. Congratulations! Wow--the exact date?! That's nuts.

  2. look at yout little bump! How cute! Glad everything went well!

  3. Congrats! :D I'm happy for you that everything is going well with your baby, and I love your ultrasound pictures!


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