Monday, September 5, 2011

I've got an interview!

And its at Michael's!
But first, a little backstory on me....I went to college in Pittsburgh. I was studying Information Systems Management and had 2 great internships before I graduated. I wasn't at the top of my class or anything, but the work experience I had was worth more than a killer GPA. And when I graduated in the Spring of 2010 I went straight to working full time for the Investment Company I had been interning at...and things quickly went from "I love my job" to "I fucking hate my job."
I graduated in May and instead of staying with the group I had been interning with I was transferred to another group to start my career as a Business Systems Analyst. 4 months later, one of my three co-workers opted to transfer to another group (cuz our boss sucked). A month after that another coworker quit leaving our group of four with just two (plus our horrible boss). We finally replaced coworker one just before Christmas and he quit two weeks later.
Things sucked. Really bad. My boss was an idiot, I had an obscene amount if responsibility with no hopes of advancement in the near future since I had only been there for like 9 months. I did get a raise but it was so small it was insulting. And overall I just hated my job.
Eventually we hired 2 new people who were decent workers, but they were still new. And then the one other person who had been there longer than me quit (again because my boss sucked) and I knew I couldn't stay there any more and I started looking for a new job.
I found one within weeks and since I felt bad for the two new employees at my current job I gave them a chance to match my other offer. They told me they were "offended" I was even looking elsewhere. Seriously? I was paid as an associate level but had the workload and responsibility of a senior level and your offended I was looking for a new opportunity? I almost laughed, but held it in and gave my two weeks notice.
One week later is when I "ran away."
The Sailor is amazed I'd be willing to work at a job that in his eyes is below me. I have a college degree, work experience, and I'm good at what "I do." But I have no desire in the immediate future to go back to being a business analyst. I actually start panicing at the thought of it. I just had such a bad experience with my first real job. I don't want to go through that again.
The thought of working st Michael's, however, is super exciting to me! In an ideal world I would work around 30 hours during the day during the week. I'm not really picky about what I would do, but I would love to work toward a part-time manager position. Or get to be one of the people who gives demos!
And I may not have any significant retail experience, but I have PLENTY of crafting experience!
-Jewelry making - both beading and friendship type jewelry (knot tying)
-Papercrafting - scrapbooking experience but more card making. I have a Cricut expression, a Gypsy, and a Yourstory laminator and book binder.
- I love making my own bows with wired ribbon. I also know how to make a number of flowers out of ribbon.
- With experience being a camp counselor, I've done every kind of "kid craft" you can name. And I'm a pro at tie-dying and t-shirt decorating (what else do you do at summer camp, lol)
- Although amateur, I have experience sewing and have taken a few lessons so I actually know a decent amount about the supplies and when you should use what.
- And Navy Wife Kim taught me how to knit on Friday! I'm no pro, but I think I'm doing alright for just learning (check out the picture below). And I've planned my first real project already - a kitten blanket for the baby (photo and pattern can be found here: )
Basically, if they don't hire me, they're crazy, lol.
So, I may seem crazy for wanting to get a part-time retail position when I have a college degree, but that's what I want!  After the baby is born, I'd love to keep working just super part time. And not for the income, for the discount! Seriously, crafting is expensive! And if I'm ever able to open my own online store of handmade goods that discount would be killer!
Now I just have to figure out what to wear to an interview at Michael's!
Until next time...

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