Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Call them what you want, but I think we can all agree the twins are pretty awesome...most of the time.

Pre-pregnancy I loved my honkers. I was a full-B, small-C. They fit nicely in clothes. I had cute bras. When I worked out they didn't hurt, and a basic sports bra kept them in check. But not anymore.

My lovely B-cups have blown the eff up. It isn't even funny. The D-cup that I got from Motherhood is starting to give me a little quad-boob action (you know, when your bra is too small and they start spilling out creating an extra set of ta-tas). Which means I'm going to have to get a DD merely 12 weeks along.

But not only that, they hurt. My nipples are always hard and that gets quite uncomfortable after weeks on end!!! I think I need to get better sports bras because when I work out they practically punch me in the face.

It looks like my new (already too-small) bra could eat my old, cute bra. It makes me sad. I miss my old body.

But, I just have to remind myself that boobs are awesome! They're getting huge and uncomfortable in preparation to feed my baby. And that's pretty freaking amazing.

I'm not gonna lie though...if they keep growing at this pace and I end up growing off the standard cup-size scale, I'm gonna be pretty pissed. So, I get it, pregnant body - we're just prepping ourself for baby, but let's try to keep it under control!

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  1. Hi there, new follower from 20sb. My hoots went up a size in the first trimester and now are even bigger. I can't imagine what's going to happen when they actually start producing milk! Yikes! Congrats on the pregnancy. :)


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