Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gettin' In A Groove

I'm happy to announce that despite the fact that I quit my job at Michael's I am getting into something of a schedule (finally).

I'm totally a creature of habit. I thrive on a set schedule. That may be why I wake up at the same time every day, regardless of whether I have something to do or not. When I was in Pittsburgh (and working full time) I got up at 630, even on the weekends. But I wouldn't have my first cup of coffee til 7. I just like structure.

Lately, I've been waking up at 7. It's not like I set an alarm or anything, but every day I just wake up between 645 and 7. Then the dogs notice I'm awake and they start scrambling (:: Time to go out? Time to go out? Time to go ooooouuuuuuut! ::) so I get up and let them out.

While they're out I do the dishes. I totally blame my mom for this habit; she never did the dinner dishes at night, she always let them "soak over night" and the kitchen would be clean when we all woke up. When I was living with The Ex, he was OCD and I think he would have died if a pan sat in the sink overnight, so he always did the dishes. But The Sailor couldn't care less, so I just do them in the morning!

Then I let the dogs in, do some general tidying, bring out the trash/recycling as needed, and I Clorox Wipe all the hard surfaces downstairs (what - I'm terrified of getting sick while pregnant). Then I finally brew some coffee, feed the dogs, pull together some breakfast and go watch the Today show.

After I eat my breakfast I either dust or go pick up dog poop in the back yard (I alternate doing those things) then grab cup of coffee number 2 (dont worry, its half-caf) and I watch the Today Show til 830, which is when I bring the dogs on a quick (25 minute) walk.

I get back just in time to watch Regis and Kelly, and while I watch I drink some juice and eat some fruit. After Regis and Kelly the scheduled part of my day comes to a close and I either go work out, get dressed, or whatever. I would like to get into a habit of either vacuuming (need to get a vacuum first - I know, its horrible...I don't have a vacuum), swiffering/mopping the hard floors, doing laundry, or cleaning a bathroom after watching Regis and Kelly. But, we'll get there eventually I'm sure!

After I get more stuff I'll hopefully spend my afternoons doing DIY Projects. But this afternoon I have to go get dog licenses and upholstery cleaner so I can clean our yellow couch. And hopefully Navy Wife Kim will help me figure out the knitting pattern for the Kitty Lovey-esque Blanket so I can start making that!

Overall, my life is pretty boring, but you know what? I'm loving it! I feel like I can get so much done and for the first time in my life I don't feel grossly overwhelmed with life. And, I'll enjoy the boring leading up to baby because after the baby comes I'm well aware it'll be a while before my life has any sort of schedule again!

Writing this post is now interrupting my Regis and Kelly time, so I've gotta wrap this shit up.

Until next time...

PS - pictures of my four-legged babies just because they're perfect...HAH!


  1. Amanda,
    I am so jealous of your life right now! I am a teacher and I absolutely refuse to work another job in the summer just so I can do exactly what you are doing. Things for myself! I love to clean in the morning. I love working out and I love coffee and the Today Show! Enjoy it while you can :-)

  2. I also like to have a set schedule, at least as far as "downtime," "working time" etc. especially during the week! It just makes me feel less lazy knowing that I'm going to spend certain parts of the day being productive.

  3. Your dogs are so cute :D That sounds like a perfect schedule. I wish I had the talent to create such a schedule, especially one that had cleaning in it.


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