Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pregnancy Week 12 (and Ultrasound Pictures)

I feel great (minus missing my hubby)! Seriously, if it weren't for the little cold I have, I think I would feel better than I usually do when I'm not pregnant!

I think I'm finally looking more pregnant, less fat, but I'm still waiting for my belly to pop. But my acne is still horrendous. So, yesterday I called the OB to discuss using Proactiv. Some say its fine to use, others are really concerned about it. My doctor wasn't concerned, especially since I'm done with my first trimester. So, I picked some up (at one of those automated mall kiosks) yesterday, and I'm praying it'll help. It's gotten to the point where my face actually hurts. So not only am I ugly, I'm in pain. Totally not cool, hormones!

I'm getting really gassy, too. It's probably a good thing The Sailor isn't here, lol. And I can be fine one minute, then so hungry I feel like I'm gonna pass out the next. It's annoying; I have to carry snacks with me.

So, onto my NT scan. Apart from literally having to wait an hour and a half, it went really well! Apparently if whatever they're measuring in the back of the baby's neck is wider than 3mm it causes concern; our little Sea Monkey's neck thingy was barely over 1mm. So that along with blood tests I got at my last OB appointment means we have screened negative for a handful of chromosomal abnormalities. This does not mean it is impossible, but its just a lot less likely. Add that to the whole "healthy 23 year old" thing and I don't feel the need to do any further (and much more invasive) procedures.

The ultrasound itself was amazing, too. Since this office has a much stronger machine, everything was so clear. The Sea Monkey didn't put on that much of a performance, (s)he did have a few hicups, which was flipping adorable. (S)he also kept bringing their hand up to their face (quite quickly) so in the pictures it looks like they're sucking their thumb.

The ultrasound person tried to figure out the sex of the Sea Monkey, but from one angle it looked like a boy, from another it looked like a girl. She tried to get the little sucker to roll over but apparently my Sea Monkey didn't want to...I almost asked if it would help if I did a handstand or something, but I thought that would be weird, lol. Instead I just called my baby a jerk for the first time (hahaha) and accepted the fact I'd have to wait to find out what we're having.

Oh, and apparently I'm really good at growing babies. So, last ultrasound the Sea Monkey measured at being due on April 6. This time, two weeks later, the Sea Monkey measured at being due April 5!!! If my oven (aka baby-growing-system) keeps this up, we'll be greeted by our lovely Sea Monkey well in March!

* I am fully aware this is not how gestation works. I just find it amusing, and I sorta wish that was how it worked, lol *

I guess that office does the official anatomy scan, so I'll be going back in early November for that. I also have another appointment with my normal OB in two weeks, and although I doubt I'll get an ultrasound at that appointment, a girl can have dreams, right?

Until next time...

PS - the ultrasound picture where the Sea Monkey is looking straight at you is totally creepy looking...but it doesn't compare to the 3D picture they took - which I'm not sharing with you cuz it'll probably give you nightmares. Seriously people, 3D Ultrasounds should not be performed at merely 12 weeks, because the baby is still waaaaay too alien-esque. 


  1. Love your tattoo! I've used Proactiv for a few years and am thrilled with it. I tend to use it once a day (and a different generic face wash in the morning) since it can be rather drying if you use it too much. I hope it works for ya!

  2. oooh! You are starting to see it! My face and skin broke out something terrible when I was pregnant. They say it's a sign of you are carrying a girl. Who knows!


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