Thursday, September 1, 2011

Re-dressing the Dresser - Part 1

This morning I'm pretty sure I bought a dresser from a recovering hoarder. But I'm getting ahead of myself...(I just couldn't help but start the post with that - admit it, that's an awesome opener)
So, as I've told you before, we came to Cali with minimal furniture. By minimal, I mean a mattress, a TV stand, and a TV. We already got our yellow couches and today I went and picked up a dresser that I found on Craigslist! Which, its about damn time, cuz as fun as it is to have the majority of your clothes just sitting around in piles in your bedroom, I'll be happy to actually be able to put my clothes away!
So the dresser was actually a decent ways away, so I used the GPS on my phone to find the house. Lucky for me, my phone is really considerate and likes to send me on the scenic route, so at least it was amusing for me! (See the photos below - yes, I'm a horrible person and took pictures while driving)
When I finally got there, I was a little taken aback...this woman is a fucking hoarder! There is stuff EVERYWHERE! Well, I think she's technically a recovering hoarder since she's selling a bunch of her stuff. If she hadn't been waiting for me, I totally would have taken a picture of the piles of furniture and dog crates this woman had in her back yard! Another thing that was totally photo worthy, but socially unacceptable to photograph was the woman herself. Please imagine this...older woman, probably in her 60s. She had SUPER long grey hair in a braid going down her back and huge chandelier earrings on. Then she was wearing a very large, floral print top and plaid capris. Under the capris she had on nylons that had visible runs on the ankles and multi-colored ked sneakers. She was a site to see amongst her piles of stuff!
So, I take a look at the dresser and mirror, and everything looked good, so I paid the $50 and started heading back to the general area of our apartment. Part of me just wanted to go home and sleep, but I decided to go get some supplies I would need to refinish this sucker first.
I went to Home Depot for cleaning solution, sandpaper, and spray paint. I was super pumped cuz they give a 10% off military discount. Not super pumped that I got fucking carded buying spray paint though! I blame my stupid pregnancy acne for it though.
Then I headed over to Michael's to get a blue accent color paint and all their paints were 40% off! Yatzee! And I also got paint brushes for the accent color.
Then I went and did some random shopping before I came home and now I'm ready to take a nap, lol. What - I did a lot today compared to what I've been doing lately! I'm not even gonna show you the dresser yet - I'm gonna let the anticipation build first. That, and its still in the truck since The Sailor isn't home yet, haha.
I might start the project tomorrow, or I might learn how to knit...we'll see how I feel tomorrow! Have you refinished any furniture? How did it turn out for you?
Until next time...

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  1. I take pictures while driving too! I refuse to actually talk on the phone while I drive- makes me nervous- but for some reason I am totally okay with busting out the iphone and snapping a shot of anything I find interesting.


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