Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Mommy Mistake Number 1

The title of this post probably really should have been "The First of Many New Mommy Mistakes That I've Made and Already Recognized That I Made It" but that would have been a bit too long, lol.

Newborns sleep a lot.  I don't think I really understood how much newborns slept until I had one.  The Seamonkey did great at night sleeping in his bassinet, and during the day his naps were primarily in the swing.  It seemed like for the longest time my Little Man would wake up, he'd be happy for a little while, I'd change his diaper, he'd be happy for a little while longer, I'd nurse him, and he'd go back to sleep so I'd put him back in his swing.  Lather, rinse, and repeat like 35 billion times a day.

Obviously now, at 3 months old, he's awake a lot more, but for the most part he would still have that same cycle, just with the "be happy" part super elongated.

Well, like a week ago he started randomly getting psycho fussy during the day.  He didn't need a new diaper, he wouldn't nurse, I would try to just hold him and he'd be fussy and trying to stand and just crying.  I hated every second of it.  I checked his temperature probably a hundred times assuming he was sick, but he was fine, he just wasn't happy and it would last for hours.

Turns out, he was just tired.  New-Mommy-Me had assumed if he was tired he would have just gone to sleep.  Hell, that's what he had been doing for the past 12 weeks and that just kinda makes sense!  When you're tired, you sleep!  But no, apparently now for his naps he needs me to go upstairs, change his diaper, nurse him in the rocker, put him in a swaddle, rock him for a bit, and then put him down to sleep (basically a quick version of our nightly routine).

It kinda sucks that it's such a production, but I hope this is a sign that his naps will start to regulate soon.  Up until now they've just been super sporadic and unpredictable and that is sooooooo obnoxious because it makes it impossible to plan your day at all!

In other sleep news, we've transitioned my sweet little baby from the bassinet in our bedroom to his crib in his nursery.  I'm still not sure how I feel about it still (his first night in the nursery was this past Saturday), but I never had plans of him sleeping in bed with us and that bassinet isn't getting any bigger!  I wouldn't have been able to do it without one key thing though...

We got a video monitor!!! 

I always said it seemed silly since his nursery is literally 10 feet down the hall but that was before I actually had a baby to freak out about.  What if he had stopped breathing and I wasn't in there to see it?  I better go check on him... ::baby wakes up as you enter the room because you disturbed him by entering the room:: <--That totally would have been me.  And the first night he was in his nursery I barely slept; instead I just laid there like a crazy stalker mom watching him sleep on a 7 inch screen.

I ended up spending about $120 with shipping on eBay.  I really like having a larger screen so I can actually see him when I wake up in the middle of the night and still have sleepy-eyes.  The set is a no-name but is way nicer than any of the ones I've seen in-stores for a comparable price and it was brand-new-in-box, not used.  If you decide to go the eBay route I definitely recommend purchasing through this store like I did since I couldn't be happier with the product.  (I'm not getting anything from the seller for recommending them, just sharing my personal experience)

Well, it is about time for this Mama to go to bed, until next time...

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