Monday, October 17, 2011

So that wasn't the best idea...

A little background story...I'm a face picking addict. I can't help it. If I have a (pop-able) pimple/white head/black head its going down. I've also always gotten cystic pimples on occasion, and I make it my personal mission to annihilate them when I get one. Yup - I use a needle to create one to three holes in the mother effer and I pop away. Then I put neosporin on it.

I'm actually quite skilled at this process. I don't have any scars. When I used to see a dermatoligist HE couldn't even tell that I abused my face! Once I had a small cyst on my chin that I asked if he could make go away and he said without surgery it was impossible, and I'd have a scar. I got rid of that sucker with a needle and my pointer fingers and there is zero scar!

Well, since being pregnant and my face blowing the fuck up, I've tried to cut down on the picking. I would be lying if I said I haven't been picking at all but I've definitely cut down a bunch.

Well, this morning I realized my eyebrows were completely out of control and needed to be taken care of. Usually I use a magnified mirror for plucking but I've been avoiding it in order to prevent myself from picking at my skin. Well, this morning I couldn't resist; my eyebrows were in dire need of some serious grooming, a task that is much easier accomplished with my beloved magnified mirror. So, I promised myself to only look at my brows, and avoid looking at my chin/jaw line in the mirror at all costs, and I climbed up onto the counter in my bathroom and started tweezing.

It took all of 2 seconds before I started investigating the rest of my face in the mirror, and all hell broke loose.

It was the extraction of the century. I was using my fingers, my extraction tool, and even tweezers to remove dead skin to be able to see the blemishes better.

I popped my forehead, and cheeks, and chin, and jawline. For fuck sake, I popped a white head in my nose. I was like a savage beast. Then, after god knows how long, I pulled myself away from the dreaded mini magnified mirror and saw what I had done.

My face was red, slightly swollen, and it looked like I was currently recovering from the chicken pox. So I washed my face and now I'm dealing with the repercussions of my lack of will-power.

Hey, maybe it'll help! But, odds are it won't, I'm dealing with an embarrassingly red face while I run errands today for no reason. And if that's the truth, I'll probably have to destroy the magnified mirror to prevent myself from giving in to temptation again.

Are you a picker, or do you think I'm gross/crazy/etc?

Until next time...

PS - no, you cannot see what my face currently looks like. I am far too proud of a person to post that on the internet. Seriously imagine my face recovering from the chicken pox and you'll totally have the idea...


  1. ha ha ha, I have to admit I wanted to see a photo. I'm like that with scabs though. I have to pick them. If I'm rubbing Glenn's back and I feel one, it's being picked. It's so terrible.
    Davina fell outside and had a real nice scab. It healed up and it was ready to be picked. I swear I thought about sneaking into her bedroom and picking it while she slept. How terrible is that!?

  2. I'm such a picker. But my skills don't come close to yours. I've gottan better over the years. But sadly, I have the scars to prove it my neurosis.

  3. Picker power! I have a love/hate thing with my face. Hate getting pimples, love picking them.

  4. I hear you!! I have three red spots on my face right now from my picking. I hate it. Especially since I can't get them to go away(even tried the old toothpaste trick) but! I am definitely going to start trying that neosporan trick from now on!


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