Monday, October 31, 2011

My Mom is Coming Tomorrow

And it could go one of two ways...

Option A - she sees my fat ass, it totally sinks in I'm married and pregnant and she has a mental breakdown.

That option ends in fighting and crying. We don't want that option.

Option B - she sees my fat ass and it sinks in that she's gonna be a Grandmother!

That option ends in smiles and shopping. And her spending WAY more money than she planned and saying things like, "well, this will be part of your Christmas present" and "since I can't really throw you a shower I can spend a little extra." Then at the end of the day she'll say "don't tell your sisters I bought you all this!"

Hahaha, I'm hoping for option B.

We have been getting along really well lately, and I can almost guarantee its because she and my crazy middle sister are fighting. My mom only likes to fight with one of her daughters at a time.

And the other day I was saying when I get her from the airport she won't even recognize me - I now have red hair, bangs, I'm fat, and I have big boobs, and she goes, "and you have acne!" Thanks mom, yes, I'm still losing my battle with pregnancy acne. But then she said having a spa day is a good vacation thing to do and she'll get me an acne facial. That was music to my ears!

So, I'm not gonna be posting the next few days if at all again this week. Everyone just keep your fingers crossed for me that this trip goes smoothly!

Until next time...

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  1. Good luck! I have my fingers crossed for option B! :)


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