Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Boobs are cool and all, but I hate them right now...

So I already posted once today about how much I love :: note the hardcore sarcasm :: being pregnant, but this totally warranted another post...

I've already expressed my love-hate relationship with my boobs. I love the idea of breastfeeding, I hate that my boobs have blown the eff up. The hate side just jumped to a new level.

My fucking nipples are leaking already. What.the.fuck.

I notice the clear liquid and freak out at first, so I Google it. I mean, I'm only like 15 and a half weeks pregnant, my ta-tas shouldn't be leaking yet! Well, it turns out you start producing colostrum at 14 weeks so its possible (and okay) to start leaking this early.


Roar...I hate being pregnant.

The only upside is, if you start leaking crazy early (like me) its usually a sign you are a milk producing machine. Meaning less struggles breastfeeding. Which is awesome.

But seriously - this fucking sucks. Looks like I have to invest in some absorbent boob pads. For now I'm gonna go drown my sorrows in another (yes, I've already had one) Italian ice.

Until next time...


  1. Hi! I found your blog through CinChouse and I figured I would give it a try at trying to get to know you through here :)
    I've been at NAS Lemoore a couple years now and I have zero friends here haha. So get back at me as soon as you can, I know this isn't really the place for this, but I didn't know where else to introduce myself haha.

  2. Aww I feel for you. I absolutely hated being pregnant as well. I will say now though after having my little one, for some reason I am dying to be pregnant again and wish I would've enjoyed it more. Am I crazy? Ha! The many joys of pregnancy .. LOL.

  3. Brittany - if you see this you can totally shoot me an email at navywife224 at gmail dot com (I have no other way of responding to you!)

  4. Hey! I think I made it to the 3rd trimester before I started leaking, but I was still like wth? I tried some reusable breast pads from the store, with not much luck. The best that I did for reusable ones (for home or night time) was to take one of those super absorbent dish drying towels (I got mine for $10 at BBB) and cut into circles and sew baby flannel to each side. Those were really absorbent and lasted half to a full day or through the night one my son was born. But for out and about, there is nothing better than the Lansinoh pads. They really absorb quite a bit and are much less noticeable. Totally worth the money. Now that my son is older, I don't leak much at all anymore unless I'm pumping one side at a time or nursing.


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