Thursday, October 20, 2011

So, yeah, I'm an idiot...

We moved into our house on base a significant amount of time ago, right?  Long enough that I've decorated a good bit and once my damn dining set comes in it won't look like we just moved in anymore (word on the street is it should be here Friday, but more on that once it actually comes).  Well, then how the hell can I explain just realizing that there's a second closet in my downstairs hallway???

Okay, so here's my downstairs hallway:

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That picture is basically taken from the front door (which is to the left of me).  To my right is my living room.  And right across from door number 2 is my kitchen/dining area.

Behind door number 1 is a closet.  I keep my light jackets, a bunch of shoes, my purse, dog leashes, and even the vacuum in there.  It's a basic closet.  For now we'll skip over door number 2.  Door number 3 leads into my laundry/dog crate room (which then leads into our garage).  Obviously the bathroom is the downstairs bathroom.

Wanna know what's behind door number 2???

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Yeah, I totally haven't even opened that door since we did our initial walk through.  Who the fuck just doesn't realize there's another closet in their downstairs hallway???  This gal, apparently.

And what's even worse is it is right across from the kitchen, so I could easily use it to store kitchen stuff.  And since I've been stocking up on kitchen stuff I've been bitching about how there's no where to put small kitchen appliances.  Like a crockpot, for example, which is currently in one of my upper cabinets and preventing the cabinet door from completely closing.

There's already a double sliding door pantry in the kitchen so I have enough space for food, but this mystery closet is seriously a life saver.  And since I now have a place to put it and I just got a refund check from the hell-hole apartments we were living in before I think I'm finally gonna buy the Kitchenaid mixer I've been lusting over...


That thing would make my life.  My Ex had gotten me a Kitchenaid way back when, and when I left him the mother-effer wouldn't let me take it! He bought it...yeah, but it was a flipping gift!  Whatevs, this one is way nicer anyway because it doesn't have a tilty head, instead the bowl lifts up, so eventually I can get the ice cream attachment.  Eat that Ex, and enjoy watching your Kitchenaid collect dust since you would never use it.  (I'm a little hostile over that, can you tell?)

I'm still in awe of my own stupidity.  Like seriously...I don't care that I'm pregnant.  I don't care that I don't have that much stuff so I don't really need tons of storage.  I just can't stop asking myself who the hell doesn't realize there's an additional closet in the hallway, especially since I've been complaining about storage.

Have you ever done anything this dumb, or am I alone in this one?

Until next time...

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  1. I feel like missing a closet is something I'd do. My house is Italian so there are absolutely no closets. :(

    Have you gotten your mixer yet? I used a Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon for mine. I just used another coupon to buy attachments (SOOO excited!)


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