Friday, July 26, 2013

Baby Deux - 13 Weeks!

We had our first trimester nuchal translucency scan this week (you can read more what it is here)!  Everything looks wonderful and we screened negative for chromosomal abnormalities.  Screening negative doesn't mean there 100% won't be an issue, but the genetic counselor described it as a 1 in 10,000 chance but if we wanted to be positive we'd have to have an invasive procedure done.  Since the chance is so low, we're choosing to end testing there.

High five!
 This was the only profile view picture we got, baby insisted on staring at the ultrasound machine the rest of the time.
 Scary skeleton face!

Apart from that my pregnancy acne is here full force, ugh.  It's horrible.  I hate it.  I just want to peel the skin of my face off and scrub it all away then put my face back on (lovely, right?).  And I've gotten a few really intense headaches.  I've never been one to get migraines, but when people describe them, this is what I think they're describing.  It is possible to get hormone induced migraines when you're pregnant, but we're just gonna keep our fingers crossed that these suckers ease up sooner rather then later because I have a toddler to chase.  And my ears have been popping a lot.  When I was pregnant with W I had some issues with my ears and my hearing that cleared up after he was born.  Looks like I might be temporarily losing some of my hearing again.  (What?  hahaha, couldn't help myself)

And that's really it.  Sorry my updates are super boring!  But check out the bump I'm rocking already...
 We take my weekly picture on the landing in the middle of our stairs, I thought I'd try having The Sailor take some from a higher angle to see if they're more flattering or if I looked smaller.  I'm pretty sure I look the same from all angles, hahaha.


  1. Looking good mama! And baby looks so cute! Glad everything is looking great!

  2. I'm so jealous that you got a little photo of Baby's hand!! SO CUTE!!! So crazy about your ears ... we live at a low elevation, but when traveling through hills, etc., my ears have been sooo much more sensitive. Pregnancy does pretty amazing things to our bodies!

    1. It has something to do with all the little bones in your ears and the hormone that relaxes your joints according to my ear, nose, and throat doctor. I was basically deaf when my son was born! Haha


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