Thursday, July 18, 2013

Baby Deux - 12 Weeks!

Isn't it crazy that the baby goes from approximately the size of a grape (at 9 weeks) to approximately the size of a lime (at 12 weeks) in three short weeks!?!  No wonder we're so exhausted when we're pregnant!!!

Nothing super exciting this week.  Never again will I say I'm feeling way better though (like I did last week).  I swear, as soon as that post went up I started to feel like shit.  I don't have "morning sickness,"  I'm just usually exhausted by the end of the day so as soon as I put W down for bed at like 8 I'm ready to go curl up in bed.  And if I make the mistake of going too long without eating I feel like complete death (which is what happened last week after I posted about feeling better).

So yeah, I'm still randomly really dizzy.  I was shopping Saturday morning and suddenly felt like I was having a heart attack and had to lean against my cart to chill out for a second.  My heart was pounding, my fingers swelled up, and I felt sick.  It passed pretty quickly, but I was out by myself so it was scary in the moment.

I also randomly get ravenous.  Like - eat all the food in the house right now or else I'm going to die!  Then I get full super quick and regret eating so much (whoops!).  And I'm crazy gassy (yeah, totally just admitted to the world that I'm super flatulent).  Burping, farting, it's all fair game.  Not sure if it's from what I'm eating or just part of growing another human, but it kinda sucks.  It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

And finally, I no longer feel exhausted, instead I just feel lazy.  I just wanna sit on my butt.  I don't want to clean.  I don't want to do laundry.  I don't particularly want to cook (but I appreciate the end results of cooking since I'm constantly starving so I force myself to do it).  I'm ready for that second trimester energy to kick in so I can deep clean my house!

Next Monday is our first trimester NT scan!  Super excited for that one; they send us to a specialist for it and the ultrasound machine they have there is way nicer than the one at the hospital on base.

How are you feeling this week?

I totally converted these pants from normal pants from Old Navy that were on clearance to maternity pants.  They're freaking awesome.  A) They were way less expensive than maternity pants.  B) They actually fit me!  So, you can look forward to a tutorial on how to do that soon!

This was on Tuesday (12 weeks 3 days) on The Sailor and my second anniversary!!  We didn't do anything all that exciting - just went to Olive Garden since I had been craving their zuppa toscana soup for a while.  But, we had some friends watch W so that in itself was exciting!  It's so weird going out and doing stuff without him!

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  1. LOOOOVE the picture of the two of you! (Also I have been craving Olive Garden my whole pregnancy and still haven't gotten it- SOB.) And I get what you mean about the ravenous hunger... I still get that now and again and I'm like "HOW AM I STILL HUNGRY RIGHT NOW?"


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