Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just You Wait three least favorite words right now, but more on that in a minute...

So yeah, my Mom's here.  And you're probably all like, "but Amanda, you crazy cat, you're on vacation, why the hell are you blogging?"  The answer is quite simple actually.  Apparently, my Mom has decided against adjusting to the different time zone and going to bed at 7 pm totally works for her.  Luckily, the house we're staying in has wi-fi and I brought my Netbook, so here I am.

Things with my Mom definitely aren't horrible, but they aren't great either.  At this point, I feel like I was just a convenient excuse for her to go on vacation.  And a super cheap chauffeur.

When she got off the plane she just kept saying she's couldn't recognize me with my "purple" (it isn't purple, it's red - there is no violet in the hair color I use) hair.  Then she talked a lot about how she's on an emotional journey.  She feels like she's lost herself.  She's trying to drink less (which is a huge deal). Things seemed good.

Then today she basically wanted to ignore the fact that I'm pregnant.  We went to a coffee shop for "breakfast" and then head out to go see the red wood trees.  It was absolutely breathtaking.
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  Not only was it gorgeous, I think my pregnancy spidey senses are kicking in, because I could smell everything so clearly, and this forest smelled so refreshing!

We did an approximately 3 mile loop through the forest and then got a water at the gift shop.

Then she wanted to drive up the coast to see a lighthouse she had read about somewhere. She said it should only take about 45 minutes to get there.  It took about an hour.  But it was the worst freaking hour of my life. This was the windiest, steepest, scariest highway I have ever driven on.  It was so narrow I thought we were gonna fall off a cliff and although my Mom claims the view was gorgeous I wouldn't know because my eyes couldn't leave the road.  Or else we would have died.  My hands are still sore from gripping my steering wheel so tightly.

After the exhausting hour long drive, we get where we're going and it's a 3/4 mile walk (up hill) to the point we wanted to go to.  This too, was absolutely gorgeous...
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Then we walk the 3/4 of a mile back down to the car and at this point it's a little past 1 in the afternoon.  We ate "breakfast" (I had a bagel and a small coffee) at 8 am and hadn't eaten since.  My mom completely forgot that I'm pregnant and having blood sugar issues and there was nowhere to get food anywhere around, so we just started the horrible drive back.

We got back to the house at about 3 and at this point I'm on the verge of passing out.  So I ask my Mom to please run to the convenient store to grab me a snack.  She made a huge deal about this, but eventually went and got me some crackers.

Originally we planned to just chill out (it had been a pretty long day so far) until we went into town to have an early dinner but she got bored and wanted to go into town and walk around.  I had no energy to fight her.  Then we get there and she wants to walk up and down the docks to look at the sail boats and when I'm not totally enthused about it she basically throws a temper tantrum about how boring I am.

I finally said, "Mom I'm pregnant, my back hurts, I feel dizzy and slightly nauseous, and I'm exhausted.  The idea of walking up and down a dock to look at sailboats does not sound appealing to me right now.  If that's what you want to do, go ahead, but I have to sit down or else I'm going to faint."  Then she huffed off while I sat and tried not to fall asleep.

By the time she got back she was in a much better mood and we went and got sushi (only the cooked stuff for me) at this really cool restaurant.

Like I said, things with my Mom aren't horrible, but they definitely aren't great either.

So, back to the title of the post - Just you wait.

Any time I complained in the slightest about anything pregnancy related, that was my Mom's answer to me.

Me - Good golly, my back is sore
Mom - hah! Just you wait!  You don't know what a sore back is until your third trimester.

Me - Gah...I hate boobs.  They hurt so bad.
Mom - hah! Just you wait!  You don't know what sore boobs are until your milk comes in.

Me - I feel like a cow.  I hate not having my normal body.
Mom - hah! Just you wait!  You can't even tell you're pregnant at this point.

I could honestly keep going, but I'll spare you.

And the thing is, I'm sure those are completely true statements, but I don't want to hear it because my back hurts now and my boobs hurt now and I feel like a fatty now.  Yes, I realize it is going to get worse, but that doesn't mean what I'm feeling right now isn't real!

But I guess I can't dwell on it, and I can only hope tomorrow will be better than today.  We're taking the ferry into the city (we're technically staying in Sausalito not San Francisco) and tomorrow night we're going to this yarn shop we stopped in before dinner today because they have a "social hour" in the evening on Thursdays and both my mom and I knit.  I'm a total dweeb for admitting this, but I'm super excited about it, lol.  And I plan on picking up some fun yarn.

Speaking of knitting, I never announced what my next (well, technically current) project for the baby is!  I'm making a stuffed elephant like this one:
Isn't it precious!?  More on that once I actually finish it though!

Until next time...

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  1. Love the elephant! I love baby toys like that, they're my favorite. And I'm so with you on the "just you wait" thing. I complained about that to my husband ALL. THE. TIME. That and, "Oh, you'll see". Ugh, drove me nuts!


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