Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blog Update

I have finally made some updates to the ol' blog here!

First of all, I got rid of the "Cross Country Journey" page.  Great in theory, but I kinda forgot I didn't have an actual computer to update it as we went along, so it was a major fail.  Then I just kinda let it sit there for a few months because I wasn't 100% sure what to do with it since according to my blog stats, some people still looked at it.  Well, I finally just decided to put it out of it's misery and delete it.

Then, I added some new pages...we've now got an About Me page (which, well, has a general quickie bio of me), a Pregnancy page (which has my belly pictures, links to all my weekly updates, as well as my ultrasound pictures), a Nursery page (which has a breakdown of how much money I've spent so far on stuff for the nursery and {once I do any nursery DIYs} will eventually have photos and links to the posts about any DIYs I do for the nursery specifically), and a Home Decor DIY page (which has photos of my Decor related DIY projects and links back to the posts about them).  Eventually I'll have a crafting/general DIY page very similar to the Home Decor DIY page just for my other projects, but since I haven't done any I just haven't made the page yet!

Now - some questions for you!
  1. Are there any other pages you'd like to see/appreciate for me to create?  They're really there for your convenience (to consolidate things and make them easier to find) so if there's anything you'd benfit from, lemme know!
  2. How do you feel about the general design of my blog? There are actually some blogs that I'll follow but I won't comment on because I don't want to leave my Google reader and deal with the crazy bananas that is there blog design.  Is mine too much to handle?  Is it boring? Any suggestions at all would be awesome!
  3. This is slightly related to question 2, but does it take too long for my blog to load for you?  I've found that sometimes a blog with have so many things in the sidebar (or just a bazillion pictures in the post itself) and then it takes eons for the damn thing to load.  Sometimes I just give up and move on because I think it's slightly inconsiderate to have five bazillion ads in your sidebar (that I'm probably never going to be interested in) that just bog down your blog.
Thanks again to everyone that reads/follows/comments on my blog!  You guys have been a huge support throughout some pretty stressful times in the past few months as well as a great group of people to celebrate with (or brag to) when things actually go right.  I've considered doing a giveaway just as a sort of reader appreciation type thing, but I feel like it might be a litle silly for me to do one since I only have 24 followers - but we'll see, since I'm kinda crazy I might just do one anyway!

Until next time...

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  1. I love your blog design! I hope mine doesn't take forever to load! I love your pages! I have been messing around with mine too.


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