Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Updates on My Crazy Family!

Okay, so last you heard here's where I stood with my family:

  • My Dad and I were getting along great
  • My Mom and I weren't talking after her disastrous trip to San Francisco
  • I hadn't spoken to my crazy sister Kate since I announced that I had eloped back in August
  • My sister Rachael and I were speaking, but not often
  • Extended family on my Dad's side are basically just excited for me
  • Extended family on my Mom's side are basically just confused
Things with my Dad are still great.  Staying with him was a little weird, honestly, (I hadn't slept at his house since early high school) but it was fine.  Plus, check out how adorable he is; every night he and his dog Amber watch TV like this:
Personal Photo
Now, onto my Mom.  Apparently she has just blocked are little fight out of her mind completely.  No joke.  She brought up the restaurants we went to in San Francisco, asked if I had chosen the stroller she's gonna get for the baby yet, said I needed to call her more often.  It was really weird, honestly, but I'm not going to bring it up just to start a fight with her.  I'm not going to be BFFs with her, but if she wants to ignore the fact that we had a blowout then fine.  Plus, if she still wants to buy the stroller for the baby I'm definitely not going to argue with her - those things are expensive!  And she quite drinking almost two weeks ago now, so maybe things actually will be different this time (she is/was a fully functioning alcoholic; it was a huge problem).

Crazy sister Katelyn chose the same route my Mom did.  She acted as if we're BFFs and she didn't say a whole slew of horrible things to me after I announced that I had eloped.  She kept going on about how excited she was to finally get to hold her nephew, when in reality we had never even spoken about the fact that I'm even pregnant.  But, whatevs, I'm not going to start fighting with her for the sake of fighting!  Plus, she bought The Seamonkey the cutest little outfit from The Children's Place!!!
Personal Photo
It's so tiny and preppy and adorable!  The whole outfit is anchor themed (even the shoes have anchors on them).  I considered exchanging it for a bigger size (it's 0-3 months) but it would be too warm of an outfit for that late.  Right now I'm hoping to get some newborn pictures of my little guy in this outfit, because seriously, it's freaking precious!

My sister Rachael was actually really cold towards me.  That might be because right before I came home we had a lovely conversation that went a little like this:
Rachael - What's you're social security number?
She had just started a new job and was filling out beneficiary information, lol
Me - XXX-XX-XXXX; Do you even know my legal name, lol?
Rachael - You changed it!?
Me - Yeah, Rache, I got married
Rachael - Oh, well, you'll change it back when you get divorced
Me - Fuck you.
::end conversation::

She was 10 when my parents got divorced, so it had a much greater affect on her than it did on me, and on top of that she's a divorce attorney.  So her outlook on the institution of marriage is bleak, to say the least.  You still don't say something like that to someone.  It's just rude.

To say that my extended family members on my Dad's side are excited for me would be a severe understatement.  It was really sweet of them.  But, it's kinda a big deal - I'm having the first great-grandchild in my family!

My Nana and I went out to lunch and she had knit a blanket for The Seamonkey!  She said she's also making him a few more things, but she'll mail them to me later.
Personal Photo
My Pa and his wife Judy really wanted to throw me an actual baby shower, but given the whole situation (running away, eloping, etc.) my Dad and I weren't really sure how his brother and sister (my aunt and uncle) would react so we asked him to tone it down a bit.  It was basically a baby shower without calling it that, lol.
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My Dad and his wife Karen, my sister Katelyn, my sister Rachael and her boyfriend Roger, my Auntie Gail and Uncle Mike, and my Uncle Greg and my cousin Perry all came.

My Auntie Gail (who is my God Mother) and Uncle Mike actually brought a wedding card, a Christmas card, and a baby card for me, lol.  They got us a Baby Gap giftcard and a little baby hat.
Personal Photo
And my Pa and his wife Judy got us a baby blanket and the most adorable musical carousel thing ever.
Personal Photo

Personal Photo
And can I just say I'm in love with the carousel thing?  First of all, it's adorable.  Seriously...duckies!  Secondly, it matches my crib, lol, and they didn't even know I had painted my crib yellow.  And finally, it plays "Singing in the Rain."  I love it!

I was supposed to see my Mom's family as well, but my grandfather came down with pancreatitis so our get together was cancelled.  Luckily he's doing okay now, but needless to say I didn't see any of my extended family from my Mom's side.

So overall, things with my family are really good right now ::knocks on wood::. Let's just hope it stays this way!

Until next time...


  1. I'm glad that things are going better with *most* of your family! I just had to say that little outfit is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

  2. All these things are so adorable! I am excited to follow the rest of your pregnancy and see how your nursery comes out! It will be just perfect!


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