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Puppy Love Blankie

So, I know I said my next knitting project was a hat and booties, but I lied.  I did already make the hat, but I need to get some new needles before I can get started on the booties, so I decided to make another lovey blanket similar to the Kitty Kuddles blanket that I made!
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There were a few things about Kitty Kuddles that I didn't really like.  For one, the hands.  I didn't want to tie knots for hands (like the pattern called for), but I was 100% satisfied with what I had done with the kitty blanket.  Also, I really didn't like that the head was a square.  Heads aren't squares.  Period. So, here's a breakdown of my pattern (once again, based off of the pattern found here):

First of all, I used size 8 needles for the body.

Lower Body:
Cast on 2 stitches
Row 1: knit
Row 2: knit 1, M1 (increase - a good demo is found here), knit 1
Row 2: knit 1, M1, knit to end of row
Repeat Row 2 until you have 40 stitches

Now you're at the part that will the hands.
Hand Row 1: Cast on 3 additional stitches, knit to end of row
Hand Row 2: Same as hand row 1
Hand Row 3: Cast on 2 additional stitches, knit to end of row
Hand Row 4: Same as hand row 3
Hand Row 5: Cast on 1 additional stitch, knit to end of row
Hand Row 6: Same as hand row 5
Hand Row 7: Bind off 1 stitch, knit to end of row
Hand Row 8: Same as hand row 7
Hand Row 9: Bind off 2 stitches, knit to end of row
Hand Row 10: Same as hand row 9
Hand Row 11: Bind off 3 stitches, knit to end of row
Hand Row 12: Same as hand row 11

Upper Body:
Row 1: k2tog (decrease - a demo can be found here), knit to end of row
Repeat upper body row 1 until there are 28 stitches remaining

At this point, I switched to size 6 needles

Row 1: k2tog across (14 stitches left)
Row 2: knit across
Row 3: k1f&b (increase - a demo can be found here), knit 12, k1f&b (16 stitches on the needle)
In other words, for row 3 you are increasing on the very first and very last stitches
Row 4: knit across
Repeat rows 3&4 until you have 24 stitches
For the next bit I didn't count how many rows I did, instead I just kinda played it by ear.  I was happy with about an inch worth of rows, and each row is knit across.  If you want your finished product to have less of an oblong head, I would just knit more rows before you continued on.
Row 5(? - my numbering has gone to hell, haha, we'll just call it row 5): k2tog, knit 20, k2tog(22 stitches on the needle)
In other words, for row 5 you are decreasing on the very first and very last stitches
Row 6: knit across
Repeat rows 5&6 until you have 14 stitches remaining.

Then repeat rows 2-6 again to make the back side of the head and bind off.
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Next, you'll embroider on the face on the lower part of the head.  For this project, since I wanted it to be a dog, there's no whiskers, and for an added touch, I embroidered a circle around one of the eyes.

Now, you fold the top part of the head down the back of the part which you already embroidered and stitch down either side leaving the bottom open.  Then, stuff the head with a small handful of stuffing and stitch closed the bottom.
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You're almost done; all that's left are the ears! For each ear, do the following:
Cast on 1 stitch. (Yes, 1 stitch, so literally just put a slipknot on your needle)
Row 1: k1f&b (2 stitches on needle)
Row 2: knit across
Repeat rows 1&2 until you have 10 stitches
Knit 3 additional rows
Bind off
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Your final step is to attach the ears.  I just placed them where I thought they looked best and stitched them in place.  Et voila!
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Gabby wanted to play with the puppy, lol
And now I a kitty and a puppy blanket to give to my little boy!
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If you have any questions, lemme know, I'm really new to writing out patterns (hell, I'm new to knitting still, lol) and won't be offended if you straight up tell me it makes no sense at all! It really is a very easy project knitting project!

Until next time...

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