Thursday, December 1, 2011

21 Weeks Pregnant

I'm not hating life as much this week as I have in the past.  I feel like getting past the halfway point was super refreshing for me.

My belly is starting to inhibit my movement.  Yeah, I know, it's gonna get way worse, but it's really just strange for me.  If I'm sitting down, I can't reach as far forward as I'm used to.  I'm more thankful than ever that we have a couch that is more supportive than cozy.  When I sit on other people's "big comfy" couches I have trouble getting up.

I've started researching strollers/car seats/travel systems and it's making my head spin.  For real - it's overwhelming.  There are so many (even in my relatively low price point) to choose from!  But that's a more than enough to warrant its own post, so more on that later!

I've bought a few onesies/outfits for the little guy (ok, I bought a bunch, lol) and I think that has definitely helped me get way more excited about it being a boy. I mean seriously, check this one out:
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It's so little and precious!!! It is Carter's brand, but I got it from Marshall's.  It's newborn size, so it's tiny, and all I can think is I want my little guy to be here already! ::pout::

And today I'm gonna go to Motherhood to pick up some more maternity clothes.  One pair of normal jeans really isn't cutting it, lol.  And, I'll be flying home to Massachusetts next week so I kinda need a jacket hahaha.  It's a little colder in Massachusetts than it is here in Central California.  If I can't find a coat at Motherhood for a reasonable price I'll probably order this fleece coat from Old Navy:
It isn't a super heavy coat (from the reviews) but it's only $29, plus if it were super heavy I wouldn't be able to wear it once I got back from Massachusetts since it really isn't that cold here.  So it's actually a good thing it's a lighter jacket!

I don't understand the people who go as long as they can without wearing maternity clothes, I've been wearing them since the beginning.  A) They are way more comfortable then squeezing into normal clothes.  B) Let's face it, you are going to need them eventually, so why not get as much use out of them as possible?  I do have a few really cute outfits, so I might invest in a full size mirror so I can show them off to you guys. (Yes, I do not have a full size mirror in my house right now.)

Did you hold off on buying maternity clothes or did you embrace them early on like me?

Until next time...

PS - my belly blew up this week. I think it might be a bit exaggerated though since that photo was taken the morning after Thanksgiving...I'm just sayin' though.  As always, you can see the full progression of belly pictures here!
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