Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm officially the most vain person ever...

This morning I was having a conversation with Gabby that went a little something like this...
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Me - Lordy Gabby, this acne is driving me crazy.  If I could change anything about this pregnancy, I would get rid of my pregnancy-acne.
Gabby - Really Mom?  You can't think of any other symptom you'd rather get rid of?
Me - Nope.  My skin is driving me bonkers!
Gabby - Weren't you just in so much pain that you were in tears?  Wouldn't you much rather get rid of your back pain?
Me -'re right, but nope, I'd still rather get rid of the acne.

Okay, so obviously I wasn't actually having a conversation with Gabby, lol, but don't judge me!  I live by myself (until The Sailor gets back from deployment) so instead of admitting that I totally talk to myself way too much, I just talk to Gabby!  Plus, she's a great listener...

But seriously, I would rather have clear skin and still deal with my severe back pain.  How horrible is that?  I'm the most vain person ever!!!  And after I had this revelation, I started to think about it and try to rationalize it and I decided it isn't completely due to the fact that I'm super obsessed with how I look.  The fact of the matter is, I've been dealing with back problems for a while now.  I'm used to being in pain (as sad as that is for a 23 year old to admit).  I'm not used to being fat and having acne.  I.feel.gross.  It's that simple.  And I can't prevent the baby belly from happening, because I'm growing a freaking baby!  But before I was pregnant, this is what I would consider "breaking out:"
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That's right - one pimple and my life was over.  I would kill to only have one pimple now!

Did I mention this is actually my 26 week update?  Because it is...haha.  Apart from realizing I'm way too obsessed with how I look, this week I got the best deal on a bunch of baby stuff!
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That is...the most adorable (and practically brand new) bassinet, a trash bag {stuffed full} of baby boys clothes and blankets, a baby bath tub, a "travel swing" (the kind that can fold down to next to nothing), one of those seats that lights up and vibrates, and a play mat.  Guess how much I paid for all that.  No, seriously guess...

$40!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah - all of that for only $40!  And the best part is their baby boy was born in the beginning of May so the different sized clothes will be the right seasons for The Seamonkey! Well, as close as you could hope to get since I'm due in early April.  I officially have way too much clothes for this little guy, lol.

And I guess that's really all that's new this week on the pregnancy front (apart from my growing belly).  I officially ordered the rest of my cloth diaper stash this morning, so once all those get here I'll start a series on why I chose the brands I did and my initial reviews of the diapers.  Plus I have a bunch of plans for the nursery that I'll be updating you all on soon enough (I'm actually covered in primer right now from starting the work on the dresser/changing table combo, lol)!  And on top of that I actually have a lot of news to share with you all that isn't pregnancy related at all!  So the next few weeks should actually be pretty fun blog-post wise!

Until next time...

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  1. You are so tiny for being 26 weeks! I felt the same way about the acne. I was also obsessed with my hair during pregnancy. I think I felt that I had nothing going for me in the body department, I better have good hair and skin. haha. But really, you look great. :)

  2. @Krystal - you're my new best! But thanks, it really means a lot!


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