Saturday, January 21, 2012

OOTD - Maternity Style - Running Errands

I finally got a full length mirror so I can do some Outfit of the Day posts!
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I have to apologize in advance, I don't remember how much any of this stuff cost since I've had the whole outfit for a while.  But none of it is anything fancy, haha, and I know I got the jeans on clearance!

Shirt - Target (Liz Lang Maternity)
Jeans - Motherhood Maternity - these are technically capris, but I bought them to specifically wear with boots so it doesn't really matter!  And, they only have a half belly-panel that kinda falls down on me so I wear a cheap-o belly band (from Forever 21) over it to keep the pants up!
Boots - DSW (Steve Madden)

Necklace - I got this necklace on Etsy (from J Lynn Creations) to wear my original wedding ring on.  Since we decided to get married so last minute I had gotten a sterling silver ring that we then had to have re-sized so  it was tarnishing wicked bad.  No matter what I did, it was getting beat the eff up.  So I got a new wedding band for Christmas, haha.  The necklace has our anniversary, both of our birthstones, an H (for our last name), and a key & and a heart on it.  I paid $38 for this!
Personal Photo
Bracelet - Target - it's a white leather cuff with a gold stud thingy on it.  I love this bracelet and they don't sell them at Target anymore; I wish I had bought a few other colors when they did have them!

There you have it, a normal "errand running" maternity outfit for moi!

Until next time...

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