Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wear Your Baby Wednesday - TUTORIAL Short Back Cross Carry with a Candy Cane Chest Belt

Some day I will take the time to write an in depth post on my love of babywearing, but that day is not today, lol.  What I can say is I honestly do not know how I would be able to be a parent without babywearing.  I just have no idea how I would do it.  Especially during the time when The Sailor was deployed.  My babywearing habits have evolved as W has grown and currently we most often use woven wraps or wrap conversion half buckles (or a ring sling for short trips).

When I wear one of our wovens (yes, we have several - starting a baby carrier "stash" is a slippery slope into an obsession with collecting all the prettiest wraps, haha) this is my favorite carry.  W is a total "seat popper" - meaning he straightens his legs and pops out of the wrap.  But that is virtually impossible in this carry.  And with the candy cane chest belt it pulls the pressure off your shoulders and distributes it across your chest.  This carry is the shiznit, plain and simple.

If you have any questions about the carry feel free to ask :-)

The following screenshot is there just so I can pin directly to this page...


  1. I want to babywear too! My sister told me that when she had her newborn, her back hurt too much to babywear because she had an epidural. I'm not sure if you had one or not, but what do you know about this from either your experience or others'? Pretty common? I think I'll be getting one.

    1. I had an epidural and it definitely affected my back but not so much that i couldn't wear my son. I mean, i would have had to HOLD him no matter what, the only difference is when I wear him I can still use my arms to do other things!


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