Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Halfway There!!!

Cue the parade - I'm 20 weeks pregnant! Halfway there bitches!

I've started feeling the little guy move around in my belly.  Especially in the evening after I drink the one can of soda that I have every day.  I've heard people describe it as butterflies or popping or swishing - but not for me.  When I feel him moving its pretty simple, it feels just like if someone were to poke you from the outside, only it comes from the inside.  Then again, I'm not really sure what butterflies would feel like in my uterus...

Tom has become increasingly obsessed with my stomach.  He loves to sit on it.  Or hug it.  And when he's hugging it if I try to move him he grabs my shirt with his claws.  It's a little obnoxious (but a little adorable).
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Another new development on the animal/pregnancy front - Gabby is attracted to my leaky boobs.  Yup, when I start leaking, she starts trying to lick my boobs.  This is not adorable at all, its just obnoxious.  She gets this crazed look in her eyes and starts sniffing in my direction ferociously.  Then she tries to lick my boobs.  This is a habit we're definitely going to have to kick before the baby and my actual milk comes.  Or else she'll be fighting the little guy when he's trying to breastfeed.
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This has nothing to do with my pregnancy, I just think its cute
I had another appointment with my midwife yesterday.  Everything looks good.  My weight gain is on track (I've gained about 11 pounds) and the little guy is right where he's supposed to be.  Since both the baby and I are doing well she said I don't need to go back for another 6 weeks.

Apart from that, I've started getting wicked heartburn and to say that I'm gassy would be a severe understatement.  Good thing pregnancy is turning me into a hippie so I'm not really that shy about my gas, hahaha.  My back pain comes and goes.  Sometimes it's so intense I can't walk without limping and I think I need a cane.  Sometimes it doesn't hurt at all.  Oh, and although my skin was clearing up quite well I've re-broken out.  Awesome.

Until next time...

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