Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baby Deux - 6 Weeks

34 Weeks to go...ugh!  Have I mentioned lately I'm not a huge fan of pregnancy?

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So yeah, 6 weeks down, 34 to go!  haha

I'm beyond exhausted.  It doesn't help that W has been waking up way more than usual (he woke up 5 times last night...WTH dude??) but I'm still not very good at napping so I'm just missing out on a few hours of sleep every night.  And the pregnancy Spidey-senses are kicking in so I can smell everything.  The other day, The Sailor had cooked a hamburger in a pan on the stove for lunch and left the pan in the sink.  The next morning when I went to wash it, it smelled so bad I threw up.  Yeah, not cool dude.  And I'm crazy bloated.  Check it out, I already look like 12 weeks pregnant...

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I'm gonna be a whale by the end of this pregnancy ::tear::

On the happy side of things our first appointment is tomorrow!!  I can't remember if they did an ultrasound at our first appointment last time or if it was just a general "intake" with lots of blood work.  I hope I get to see the little bean tomorrow (obviously).

How are you feeling this week?

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  1. Hey there! Glad you stumbled across my blog! You look great - can't tell there's bloat at all (I looked about four months pregnant BEFORE I was knocked up, so there you go).

    Hope you kick the exhaustion soon - halfway to second tri!

  2. You look great!!! Heck, I looked more pregnant than that PRE-pregnancy LOL.

  3. Congrats on your pregnancy! Thanks for the comments on my blog too. I was actually on your blog the other day drooling over the pie you posted. Joys of being preggo. ;-)


  4. Ughhh all the SMELLS! The WORST! I still sort of struggle with that. And I swear since becoming pregnant, I can smell chalk all the time for random periods. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT FRESH CRAP? I'm so over the smell of chalk, if I was a teacher I would not be able to use it!!!


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