Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baby Deux - Week 7

So, last week I had my first appointment...and it was a total bust.  When I was pregnant with W our first appointment was a general intake as well as a dating ultrasound.  Since I just had him at this same hospital 14 months ago, I figured we could kind of skip the whole intake thing since they had all my info and get right to the good stuff...the ultrasound!  Well, apparently, they just throw away your file after you deliver so I had to give them my family history, etc. all over again.  And let me tell you, I was not thrilled about the fact that I had to find a sitter for W so I could go tell the hospital that delivered him about that delivery.  That's insane people.

Then, the nurse said she could get me in for a dating ultrasound at the end of July.! End of July would put me at approximately 14 weeks (and that's if I ovulated when I thought I did) and since I have a family history of chromosomal abnormalities I would like to get an NT scan, which has to be done between 12 and 14 weeks.  When I said that to the nurse, her response was, "no it doesn't, you can get that whenever."   Again,!  I had to look it up on my phone and show it to her!  

So I have to get my first ultrasound and have a buffer of at least two weeks (since it takes a week for the referral to get through and I'm assuming at least a week to actually get the appointment with the specialist) before I can get the NT scan - and I had to explain that to her!  Insane!  I was not happy.  And I don't get to see my little gummy bear until July 3rd which makes me even less happy.

Apart from my less-than-stellar first appointment I'm still exhausted and I randomly get super nauseous.  No actual throwing up, but a really intense desire to so bad that my mouth starts watering just like it would before you throw up.  Oh, and I've wanted a buffalo chicken salad from Chili's like every day in this last week.  Since take-out isn't an option every day, I've been making them at home with lazy-person frozen chicken tenders.

I even made bacon to put on it. Nomnomnomnom

Did you have to re-give your medical history if you delivered at the same place twice?

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  1. That's so crazy!! I was pretty un-jazzed with the whole first appointment (our first child) in general, it's so anti-climatic to get in there and have them do oh, NOTHING to really confirm you're pregnant, just ask you questions. BUMMER. At least it should get better from here, but ugh, avoid that nurse!!! And now I want a buffalo chicken salad. Zaxby's is my fave!


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