Thursday, August 8, 2013

Baby Deux - Week 15

Week 15 has not been my best all.

I feel exhausted.  Probably has something to do with the fact that a) I'm waking up a bunch at night for no apparent reason (I'm guessing I'm rolling onto my back and it hurts) and W has been waking up around 6 am (a month ago he would sleep till at least 7).

I also feel huge.  My belly has officially "popped."  People are commenting on it.  I'm wearing maternity clothes.  I am so envious of those women who feel feminine and beautiful while they're pregnant!!!  I feel like a whale.

And, not only am I feeling some intense round ligament pain (more on that here) I'm also feeling some intense cervical pressure, which is a little alarming, to be quite honest.  I don't remember feeling any cervical pressure till within weeks of W being born; how they heck can I be feeling it already?  I am temporarily comforting myself by reminding myself that I carried W super high, and it's possible I'm just carrying this little one much lower.  But either way I plan on bringing it up at my next appointment which is this Friday!

In more exciting news...I felt the baby move!!!  Which is cray-cray because I didn't feel W move until at least 18 weeks!  It isn't constant, just random swooshy feelings, but it's definitely baby!

I guess that's all for this week...check out my baby bump!

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