Thursday, August 1, 2013

Baby Deux - 14 Weeks

We are undeniably in the Second Trimester!! (Some sources say 13 weeks, some say 13 weeks 3 days, others say 14 weeks.)  Woohoo!

And with that momentous milestone I actually pulled out my old Boppy Pregnancy Pillow to help me sleep.  I'm still able to lay on my back or stomach without and discomfort in the baby-growing-region, but I've been having trouble falling and staying asleep, so I figured it was time to start snuggling up with the full-body pillow again.  I guess it's helping?  I don't'll definitely be necessary as my belly gets bigger, at this point I'm just happy we've upgraded to a California King sized bed since my last pregnancy because these pillows take up a lot of space!

I'm still getting pretty intense headaches but avoiding taking pain killers if at all possible (I'm just not a fan of subjecting my growing baby to them; although they're considered "safe" Tylenol is still a Category C drug meaning the risk to your unborn child cannot be ruled out).  I'm also starting to have to pee a lot.  I actually feel like I'm having trouble emptying my bladder, and after having a bladder infection while in labor with W I'm uber paranoid about getting more.  I definitely plan on bringing it up at my next appointment on August 9th.

Oh, and there isn't a minute in the day where I don't want Sour Patch Watermelons.  So if you want to send me some, I'd be happy to give you my address! haha

How are you feeling this week??

We totally forgot to take a belly picture this week...sorry!

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  1. SAME THING WITH SOUR PATCH WATERMELONS! I have left work to go buy some. I even know which store tends to have the freshest ones (the fresher they are, the less they get stuck in your teeth.) As if I'm some sort of connoisseur. I love it- we are so classy.


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