Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wear Your Baby Wednesday - Ring Sling Basics VIDEOS

For today's edition of Wear Your Baby Wednesday I made not one, but two videos demonstrating some ring sling basics.  The first is how to thread your ring sling and some basic tips that will help make it easier to adjust your sling when you're putting your baby in and the second is how to put a baby in a ring sling.

Some things to keep in mind:

Always keep a hand on your baby while putting them in the sling.  W has been in a ring sling a bazillion times, he knows what's up.  I could get away with not holding onto him the whole time because he knows to hold onto me.  It'll take some time and practice for both you and baby before you get to that point.

There is a learning curve for your baby as well as for you.  On a similar note to my previous tip, the first time you try to put your baby in a sling odds are they aren't going to cooperate...don't give up.  It's as new to them as it is to you.  You'll be most successful if your baby is not hungry, in a good mood, and relaxed.  The more you use your sling the more they'll learn to "help" you put it on.

Once your baby is in the sling:

  • Make sure the fabric is going all the way from one knee to the other and their knees are higher than their bum (aka having a good, deep seat).  This will get much easier to accomplish as your baby gets bigger.
  • Make sure the fabric is spread over your shoulder not bunched up by your neck.  You'll notice when I'm putting it on I actually put the sling on my shoulder as if it is a cap sleeve, which helps prevent it from riding up to my neck.
  • Whether you made your sling yourself or you bought a "professional" one, check the seams regularly to make sure they aren't falling apart.
  • With littler babies who don't have the best head control make sure their chin is never pressed against their chest (more on that here in Babywearing 102)
  • Always have your baby high enough that they're "close enough to kiss."

Since putting a newborn in a ring sling is very different than putting a toddler in one I'm going to try and steal a friend's newborn within the next few weeks (after he's born) to make a newborn how-to video so I won't have to wait until February!

But for now please enjoy these tutorials!!

The following screen shots are just so that you can pin directly to this page...


  1. PLEASE steal a newborn to make a newborn ring sling video! I really need to learn :) Love that you are so helpful with babywearing advice.

    1. My friend is all about me kidnapping her kid to make a tutorial since she needs to learn, too, lol.

  2. Yay! Thank you for this video. I just got a ring sling from SBP and I can't wait to try it out. :)


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