Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baby Deux - Weeks 16 and 17

In my excitement to announce that we found out Baby Deux is a boy, I completely forgot to do a weekly update!

Obviously we had another ultrasound last week since we found out we're having another little dude...

Pensive baby (he's holding a hand up to his chin/mouth)

 Look at that, there's a penis inside me...(I'm so mature, I know)

Yay for a strong beating heart!

So yeah, in case you couldn't tell by my little collage, I'm still not a fan of pregnancy!  Pregnancy acne has hit me full force, although it's a little different than with W.  With W I had a bunch of deep, cystic pimples that actually hurt my face.  This time they aren't as deep, but there's more of them.  A friend's husband sweetly said, "'re glowing."  And I was like, "sorry dude, that's just acne."  ::whompwhomp::

My hair growing faster is awesome since I'm actually trying to grow it out (I chopped it off completely to a short pixie in October and got super bored with that in like February).  What isn't awesome is my hair has become so coarse that shaving my legs is physically painful.  At first I thought I just needed a new razor, but changing it didn't help at all.  I have to exfoliate my legs, shave with shaving cream (which I don't usually use), exfoliate again, and shave again just to have remotely smooth legs.  It's insane!  

And to top it off I have at least one intense headache a day lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.  I also joke that this baby is mean because I get stabbing cramps that feel like he's stabbing me.  The OB I saw said that (along with the cervical pressure I was experiencing) is normal because I didn't give my uterus time to completely heal after having W...I think she's a crackhead because I've never heard that before!  Either way, it isn't pleasant.

The only thing I'm enjoying about being pregnant this time around is planning the nursery.  It's going to be a-maz-ing!!!  That and super sweet moments with W like when he's nursing in bed in the morning and he just starts rubbing my little baby bump, which he never did before...
Here's to hoping I catch some of that second trimester energy soon!!!

In all three of these pictures I'm wearing the pregnancy jeans I made..


  1. I just need to say that you look stupid good for being almost half way done AND your second pregnancy. And that rubbing the baby bump pic? Precious!

  2. UGH, beyond adorable. I feel ya on the acne and hair and SHAVING but still you manage to look amazing! PS- have you tried shaving with baby oil? I have to usually do 2 passes (with a men's razor... yes, I am so sexy) but I love how smooth it gets my legs. And cheap!


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