Monday, November 14, 2011

Pregnancy Week 19

First of all, I for reals have to start coming up with better blog titles.  I don't even know why you people read this crap anymore, hahaha.  But I'm glad you stick around despite my lack of creativity.

So yeah, I'm 19 weeks pregnant...almost halfway there, yo!  This week I've decided that my little guy has road rage, because although I've always been a bit testy when driving but my anger behind the wheel is going to new levels.  I'm fully aware that a more logical reason for this is being hormonal not that my son has road rage and is making me have road rage since he's still living inside me, but saying my baby has road rage is more fun.  He especially hates it when people decided to go super slow in the passing lane.  Seriously people, if you're going the same speed (or slower than) as the people in the right lane, just get in the freaking right lane!  Some of us are in a hurry for no freaking reason (hehehe - because seriously...where do I have to be?)!

The other day I made a Target run for some random stuff and as I was standing in line I realized how much my purchases screamed "pregnant lady!" Check this shit out...
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So, we have a long sleeved maternity shirt - most people buying maternity clothes would be pregnant.  Nipple pads - they're technically called breastfeeding pads or some shit like that, but that's totally misleading.  Because seriously, I need them, and I'm not breastfeeding yet!  I'm just one of the lucky people who's flipping boobs blow up and start leaking super early in their pregnancy.  Clearance Halloween candy - that shit was 80% off; after Halloween sales have never looked so good to me!  And water.  But not just 1 type of water, two types.  And I didn't want to have to open the package (which would have made it impossible to carry the water in) so I also bought a single bottle for the ride home.  Pregnancy has made me a very thirsty lady!

I totally tried to be super sly while taking that picture and giggling quietly to myself because let's face it...only weirdos take pictures of the stuff they're about to buy at Target.  But, I did it just for you, my loyal readers! haha

I dunno if you've noticed, but I've actually been calling the baby "he" this week. It's been tough.  I'm still getting over the fact that I'm not having a girl, but it's getting better.  The hardest thing for me is the name though. First of all, it isn't that I hate all boy names, but all the ones I do like seem to end in N.  I don't want his name to end in N because our last name ends in N and I don't like it when the first and last name rhyme.  So if anyone knows any cool, not so traditional boy names that don't start in H, don't end in N, and preferably at least 2 syllables lemme know.  Cuz so far, I've got nothing.

I've decided that my son is gonna be a rockstar and so The Sailor has to teach me how to play the guitar so I can play the guitar with the baby.  Why?  Because I'm totally blog-stalking MODG again.  Check out how cute this is!!!
If she found out how often I put pictures of her on my Blog she might be slightly creeped out.  But what can I say, it's my favorite Mommy blog.

You might ask why The Sailor can't just teach our son to play the guitar - why he has to teach me so I can teach the little guy.  Because I said so, that's why.

That's really all on the pregnancy front.  I did finish painting the crib I bought at the end of last week but I'm having some serious issues putting that thing together...more on that at a later date.  And, I'm like 80% finished with the stuffed elephant that I'm knitting, but again, I'll talk more on that once I actually finish it.  So I guess all that's left is to show off my growing midsection...
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Until next time...

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