Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm Fat.

I tried to come up with a clever title for this post, but I've been doing laundry for just under 12 hours and so my brain is kinda mush.

But yeah, that title says it all...I'm fat.  Okay, so I'm not really fat, I'm just fat for my standards.  I was well aware of the fact then when you get pregnant you gain weight but I didn't realize how much it would really mess with my head.  If you followed me during my pregnancy at all, you know my biggest gripe with pregnancy was just having to sit there and watch myself get fat. And now I'm on my way to getting my body back but in all honesty, it isn't happening as quickly as I would like.

Two days before The Seamonkey was born I weighed in at 198 pounds.  At my initial appointment (at 5 weeks) I weighed 158 pounds.  The weekend of The Fourth of July I weighed 142 pounds but I completely stopped working out and eating right right after that.  I will be happy when I'm back down to the low 140s.

So, for the first month after The Seamonkey was born I just didn't worry about it.  I was still getting used to having a baby and I was losing weight anyway since I was breastfeeding (and Little Man is quite the hungry, hungry hippo).  But, on May 1st the work started...

First of all, I joined Weight Watchers.  I had a lot of success with Weight Watchers when I was preparing for my wedding to The Ex.  I loved it.  I liked the plan, I really liked the ladies at the meeting I went to, and I loved my meeting leader.  I just assumed I would have a similar experience.

...But I didn't.  The nearest center is like 45 minutes away, but that didn't stop me since I had such a good experience in Pittsburgh.  The first meeting I went to I just didn't feel it.  They seemed obsessed with sticking to the topic that Weight Watchers says to talk about that week.  The Leader really didn't include any of the members in the meeting; it was a lecture, not a discussion.  So I tried a different leader...same thing.  I think it is just the policy of that specific location to stick closely to the topic at hand and I didn't like it.

The fact of the matter is I know what I should eat to lose weight.  I don't really need the plan itself.  I just like the camaraderie that goes along with going to meetings and I just wasn't feeling it.  So after a month (where I lost 10.4 pounds) I stopped going.

On top of dieting I also started working out...Last spring I had purchased and completed TurboFire (a Beach Body workout {like P90X or Insanity}) and loved it, so I started that on May 1st.  That I still love!  And although I only workout 4 times a week (their schedule calls for 6 days a week) I haven't missed 1 day of my schedule yet!

On the left is May 1st, the right is June 1st

I almost look normal again from behind already! lol

So, since I decided to stop Weight Watchers I started a different program...Body By Vi.

BBV is a meal replacement program.  Their most popular plan is replacing two meals a day with their shakes but since I'm exclusively breastfeeding, I'm not comfortable cutting my calories by that much so I'm just having a shake for lunch (I did get the okay from Wesley's pediatrician before even considering the program).  Trying to explain the shakes would be stupid since they have a bunch of awesome videos on their site, lol, so you can just go there to get the deets.  And, if you get three other people to start the program you get your shakes for free every month so you can go directly to my site for any info:

I know a bunch of women on base who are getting awesome results on the program, but if you have any questions about it for me, just ask!  If you're intrigued by what you see on the site I encourage you to at least try it since they have a 30 day money back guarantee...if you don't see the results you want just send whatever product you have left and they'll give you your money back!  I actually had my first shake today...BBV, ice, light chocolate soy milk, and peanut butter....and it was seriously delicious!

So yeah, I'm fat, but I'm working on it!  Did you obsess over your weight post-baby?  How did you lose your baby weight?

Until next time...

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  1. You definitely aren't fat, but I totally get where you are coming from. I was about 220-ish when I was full term with my son. I dropped to 190 in the first 2 weeks but I was still 10-15 pounds over where I started and looked nothing like I did before pregnancy.

    I sat there for 9 months!!!

    Then I got my butt in gear and lost 30lbs, to get down to 170. I haven't been this weight in years, but I'm still going to work on the next 10-20 pounds since I think I can keep losing without being too thin. I've been able to maintain at 170, even when I eat poorly, so I want to see if I get to 150 if I can maintain at that weight without having to continue to "diet".

    HUGE kudos to you for checking with the dr, getting moving, and working hard! You can see a huge difference in your photos!


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