Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I failed at "pregnancy blogging"

Hey guys...remember me?  The blogger who disappeared for the past few months...

I'm sorry!!!!!!!

I really wasn't cut out to be a pregnancy blogger, since, well, I hated being pregnant, lol.  And once The Sailor got home from deployment I just really couldn't have cared less about blogging about the pregnancy that I just wanted to be over, so I didn't!

BUT NOW I HAVE A BABY!!!!  And he's absolutely perfect (obviously...The Sailor and I made!!!  And I've started putting together my birth story (which I'll post the first segment of soon after this post) and hopefully I'll be a better Mommy-blogger than I was pregnancy-blogger.  I still wanted to apologize before I just jumped into my birth story though...

And if you don't forgive me then you can just eff off! hahaha

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  1. Many women hate to become pregnant but with the passage of time they become excited and love it.


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